Series XI: “It’s a one-way ticket, Ace. There’s no coming back.”

5hD4wBbrIt seems that finally we can give people an answer to the question over tickets which we have been hearing constantly since the announcement of Series XI and XII.

Following today’s annoucnement from UKTV of a competition to have a walk on part in the new series, there has been an interesting tweet from Doug Naylor that would seem to be the second announcement he referred to last week:

With the 11th being on Friday, it would seem a fairly good bet that this is when tickets for the first of the two series will go live for public application. At this stage we can’t confirm the ticket agency being used, or whether they will be available via a random draw process or a first come first served one as last time. Either way though, you’ll be sure to want to be checking online on Friday for the news as it happens!