Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: Dimension Jump DJXVIII

And so another Dimension Jump has passed, but did anything of significance happen? Probably not but it might be worth checking out some of the Tweets to find out. It’s just like being there, but far more disappointing. Be warned though, it’s mostly about Dave Benson Phillips…

Promise of news to come…

What could it be? I’m betting something Dwarfy


But before all that, there’s too much sex appeal to handle

Who’s on next?

How excited are you?

How many new series has he announced?

Sorry I missed that. Did you say two?

But how many scripts has Doug written? And who will be directing?

And where will it be shot?

Any hints about plots?

What about one involving everyone becoming Kryten?

Well that sounds good but a tour would be nice

What about Craig? Isn’t he contracted to Corrie?

Well that’s all well and good but did anyone get a photo with Chris Barrie?

What about the costumes?

And was there any cool merch up for grabs?

Anyone celebrate a little too much?

Sorry, what did they do?

We like Hattie. That is all

And just like that….it’s all over