The Garbage Podcast – Series III Commentaries: The Last Day

Image2In the concluding edition of our continuing celebration of Series III’s 25th anniversary, we take a look at The Last Day in our latest commentary.

As the third series draws to a close, it ends on a surprisingly melancholic note, perhaps more so than any other episode in this series. Yet melancholia is something the show hasn’t avoided, and it’s certainly to the strength of this episode. But it’s often an episode that is overlooked compared to the rest of the series.

Is this a fitting end to the series? Does the ending feel tacked on? And can this commentary manage to get through the whole episode without defending into a conversation about Dear Dave AGAIN? These unsurprising conversational turns and more are discussed as Alex, James and Andrew look at the episode and celebrate reaching the end of another round of podcasts, allowing them to dwell in inactivity once again!

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