UPDATED: Doug Naylor’s new show is ‘Over to Bill’

three feetHere at Gazpacho Soup we are renowned for our investigative journalism so after chasing leads, attempting to bribe officials and failing to hack phones we decided to do a quick Google search. The results were quite astounding. Using the top secret code words ‘Naylor’ and ‘Baby Cow’ we uncovered the CV of a top Director of Photography who worked on Red Dwarf X. An entry for March 2014 reads as follows.

Over to Bill

Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor recently announced they had set up a new production company – Three Feet Productions – to work on a sitcom for BBC One. This entry would appear to confirm that the show is Over to Bill which was first piloted in 2010 with Doug writing and directing. It was even previewed back at Dimension Jump XVI. Now it appears that the project has been resurrected for BBC One with co-producers Baby Cow. More news as and when search engines turn up results.


Thanks also to Ridley on Twitter, who pointed out this page over at Baby Cow dedicated to Over to Bill. It says ‘details to follow’. We’ll be clicking refresh endlessly until something interesting happens.

UPDATE 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

And for any of you that may still not believe us on this (you cynical sods), we have one final bit of evidence to suggest this is indeed a full series of Over To Bill, which came about when Richard Naylor tweeted this photo earlier:

Over To Bill

This shot rang the old familiarity bell with us at Gazpacho Soup, as it bares a striking resemblance to this piece of footage from Emil Kieri Visual Media of the Over to Bill pilot:

[vimeo 19572823 w=500 h=281]

Same car, same(ish) setting and the same people working on the show. What more do you want? Blood?