Doug & Richard Naylor Launch Three Feet Productions

naylorsWith Series XI seemingly off the cards until at least the end of the year, we’ve certainly been interested to see some of the occasional mentions by Doug and Richard of a new show they are currently co-producing with Baby Cow on for BBC One.

Skip forward to today and it seems that they have also formed a new production company named Three Feet Productions, described on their Twitter account as an ‘independent television production company founded by Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor’.

This is perhaps of no great surprise considering Doug and Richard worked closely together on Series X, and with Rob gone it would perhaps be odd to start any new project under the GNP name. However, it’s certainly interesting that things are moving in this direction, and to secure a comedy on BBC One is certainly a big deal.

Of course, as of this moment in time it is impossible to say what we should be expecting from this project or how it will affect the production of any new Red Dwarf. It should be noted though that both Doug and Richard’s recent tweets very much suggest that Red Dwarf is still going ahead and just as on the cards as it has ever been, so we’d suggest that there isn’t a cause for Dwarf fans to panic.

As of this moment in time, details are somewhat thin on the ground. We have been aware that Richard has for some time been working on developing his ‘Music Land World’, but beyond knowing that the show will be a single camera and audience free affair, your guess is as good as ours when it comes to the actual content. Doug and Richard are holding the read through tomorrow with the four leads tomorrow and will apparently announce who they are soon. In the meantime, it’ll probably be worth keeping a close eye on their Twitter feed here.