News Roundup (08/09/13)

  • Official Site Quiz and Database Update

250px-Red_Dwarf_logoThe Official Site has recently made two update with an extension of the database for Series X and a new quiz.

The Space Corps Database section of the site’s complete guide provides an expanded exploration of many of the show’s characters, ship and more. The new Series X updates everything from the circumstances leading to Howard Rimmer’s death to a breakdown of the contents of a Stir-Master. You can find the full list of updates here.

There is also an update to the games section with a guest stars quiz featuring 20 questions covering all 10 series of the show. You can find it here.

  • The Garbage Podcast: Series II Commentaries – Kryten

Image2Back in February we marked the 25th anniversary of Series I with a series of commentaries  for each episode, and with today being 25 years since the start of Series II it seemed only fitting to do this series too. So, just as with the last series, there will be a new episode of The Garbage Podcast for every episode of Series II released on the anniversary of each episodes’ initial airing. This first edition takes a look at Kryten and ponders just how much has changed in the 6 months between this series and the first, as well as thoughts on the introduction of what would become one of the show’s best loved characters.

Does this episode contain the single worst effect in the show’s history? Can you really liven up any set with an inflatable banana? And just which of the cast is wearing a secret merkin? These libellous topics and more are discussed as Alex, James and Andrew look at the start of a series that sees the show taking far more confident steps and showing signs of what it will become.

You can download it from The Garbage Podcast site or via iTunes and if you enjoy it then please do leave us a rating/review to let other people know; we’d greatly appreciate it. You can also stream the podcast on the player below:

iTunes / Direct Download / Stream:

  • Dwarfcasts : Timeslides


Ganymede & Titan have uploaded a new edition of their Dwarfcast episode commentaries, this time covering Timeslides from Series III. Ian, Cappsy, John, Tanya and Danny look over the episode along with Jo and Jez from The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club and afterwards there is also a bonus commentary on the ‘Backwards Forwards’ bonus feature on the Series III DVD.

You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.

  • The Red Dwarf Introcast

rdpodcastlogosizedSince our last roundup there have been various new episodes of The Red Dwarf Introcast uploaded. First up there is a review of Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg from Red Dwarf Night with special guest Sam Hyland. There is also a preview spoilercast where Shane is joined by Rosie, Darren, Liz, Stephen and Phil as they talk a spoiler filled look at season 8 and what they think  Heath and Angelass reactions will be.

Finally, there is a commentary for Back in The Red Part 1 showing Heath and Angela’s initial reaction to the show. So just what will Heath and Angela make of it? Will they hate it? Or will they go against the general consensus? You’ll have to listen to find out.

The episodes are available to download and you can find them on the podcast’s website and is also available on iTunes.

  • Danny in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy Radio Show Live

hitchhikers_guide_live_3The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy Radio Show will once again be hitting the road again this year following a successful tour last year, and Danny John Jules will be one of the actors providing the voice of The Guide.

The role that was originally taken by the late Peter Jones will be taken on by a variety of different people over the course of the tour and you can see Danny doing so on the following dates:

    • 7th October – Sheffield
    • 8th October – Manchester
    • 27th October – Woking
    • 29th November – Basingstoke

You can find more information and book tickets for all the shows at

  • Robert Llewellyn’s ‘News From the Squares’


Robert Llewellyn’s new book, ‘News From The Squares’, now has a release date after successfully receiving the funding it required on Unbound. The sequel to last year’s ‘News From Gardenia’ and the second part of a trilogy, this new book sees Gavin Meckler in another possible future where the human race has managed to get things right, all be it this time in total contrast to the one he encountered in Gardenia. Gavin is surprised to find himself in the sustainable megacity of London that now occupies most of the UK, but even more surprised when he discovers that the governing bodies, security services, medical establishments, companies, legal profession and scientists are all made up entirely of women, causing him not only to question mans relationship with the earth it depends upon, but also his own views on the differences between the sexes.

The book will be released on the 26th of September and will be available to order from Amazon, along with the eBook and audiobook editions. News From Gardenia will also be released in a paperback format on the same day.

  • A Brief History of Time Travel

6b0f48db956cde912a5b59744c01eb45Official Site writer and ex-Ganymede & Titan member Seb Patrick has written a six-part sci-fi radio sitcom along with his writing partner James Hunt and it now has a release date confirmed. The show also features Ganymede & Titan’s Ian Symes in one of the lead roles and has a special guest appearance from Robert Llewelyn. Here’s the synopsis:

Thrown together by a combination of time, fate, and administrative error, accountant Eric Street, genius inventor Professor Miles Wanderlust and temporal enforcement agent Nina Seventeen find themselves stuck in the past with a broken time machine – and worse, stuck with each other. Cursed to jump randomly through human history, and pursued by Oscar Basingstoke, a bumbling temporal enforcer who’s never been that good with dates, the trio blunder their way through a variety of historical settings, trying not to cause too much damage and hoping that they’ll eventually make it back to the future – assuming there’s still a future left when they get there.

The series will be released on September 23rd exclusively at and can be ordered in a variety of ways.

    • Episode 1 for just £1
    • A series pass for all 6 episodes for £5
    • A series pass for all 6 episodes plus bonus material such as outtakes and deleted scenes and a copy of the upcoming tie-in book (which will feature scripts, additional material and making-of features) in eBook format for £10
    • A deluxe package including everything in the £10 bundle, but also including a hardcopy of the tie-in book in paperback.

Finally, to promote the series, a variety of character art by Brittney L. Williams has been released along with a trailer for the series. You can view them by clicking on the thumbnails below.

1-Eric-full 2-Nina-full 3-Professor-full 4-Oscar-full 5-CIA-Full