News Roundup (26/05/13)

It’s catchup week at Gazpacho Soup. That’s right, it’s a slow news week! So join us as we mop up the news stories that we’ve callously overlooked in the last couple of weeks.

  • Dimension Jump XVII: Goitless

1stOne of the highlights of this year’s Dimension Jump was without a doubt Goitless; the Red Dwarf version of BBC 1’s Pointless. Expertly put together and presented by Danny Stephenson along with Ian Symes, the quiz went down exceedingly well and many were disappointed to have missed it. Fortunately, a video of the full show has now been uploaded to the Fan Club’s YouTube channel and can be viewed bellow:


One thing that did go unrecorded was the event’s opening ceremony, which was a little more elaborate than in previous years. In the absence of any video, the full script is now available to read here.

  • Model From Dimension Jump Appears For Sale

prop-storeIt’s aways interesting when a bit of the show’s history suddenly appears again, so it seems worth mentioning that a model from Series IV has appeared for sale. Ace Rimmer’s ship from Dimension Jump recently cropped up on the Prop Store website, which sadly also means that it is being sold for the quite ridiculous sum of £8495 as in line with the slightly mad pricing that the company seem resigned to. However, we’re sure that some of you may have some interest in seeing the variety of shots of the model featured on the site, so click on the image below to find the item listed on the site.


  • From The Archive


If you missed it last week, you may be interested in an article published on this site. Carrying through on one of the many jobs that we’ve been meaning to do for a while now on this site, James has gathered together some of the Red Dwarf content for some long out of print magazines and uploaded the scans to the site for you to view. In this first post, there are three articles from TV Zone and Starburst dating from February 1991 to May 1992, covering Series IV and Series V.

The articles include a news piece about the impending return of Talkie Toaster, an interview with Robert Llewellyn, Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge, an article about the model effects of Red Dwarf IV and a feature on the set of ‘Back to Reality’ with quotes from the cast and Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. You can find them here.