News Roundup (12/05/13)

  • Dimension Jump XVII


Last weekend saw Dimension Jump XVII held in Birmingham and in the days that followed there have been a variety of reports and podcasts related to it. The Official Site has a full write up of the 3 days from Seb Patrick. It covers the event in great detail and has some great photos of the event to bring back memories or make you wish you’d been there. You can find it here.

With Alex busy helping to run the event with the rest of the TORDFC team, James provided a breakdown of what news Doug had about the possibility of Series XI. While he couldn’t confirm the series yet, it’s interesting that he originally thought he would have been in a position to that weekend and there are other interesting little bits like the chance of Rob returning to do novels as well as Doug that are very interesting and well worth a read. You can find the breakdown here. Meanwhile, Andrew covered the event by collating various tweets related to DJXVII to give a flavour of the reactions to and goings on of each day in our occasional feature, ‘Let’s Get Out There & Tweet It’. You can find each day’s roundup below:

Lastly, Geek Apocalypse meanwhile provided their own coverage of the event by interviewing various guests on Saturday for their podcast. Steven Hesse and co helper for the day Viv Wiggins chatted about all things Dwarfy and convention-esque with Robert Lewellyn, Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge, John Lenahan, Tony Hawks, Bill Pearson and Steve Howarth. You can find the podcast on their website here.

  • TORDFC – Back To Reality Issue 4: Out Now!

TORDFC Logo White TMJust before the opening ceremony for DJXVII got underway, the Fan Club released the latest issue of their magazine Back To Reality. Issue 4 features coverage of Series X, interviews with Bill Pearson and Chloe Annett, the first part of a great comic from Kris Carter and Ben Paddon, in depth features and more!

This is the first issue to move to the digital format to try and compensate for the rising cost of printing and postage as well as allowing the turnaround of the magazine to be greatly speeded up. Passwords to the new members area where the magazine can be viewed have been sent out, but if you are a current Fan Club member and haven’t received one then the strong likelihood is that you need to update the Fan Cub records with your latest email address. If this is the case, then please contact Carrie at

If you are not currently a member of the Fan Club, you can find out how to join here.
  • Dwarfcasts: DJXVII Special

dwarfcasts_logo_2011Ganymede & Titan have uploaded a new Dwarfcast, this time covering Dimension Jump XVII. Here’s the blurb from G&T:

Another Dimension Jump has once again come and gone, and we’re all left to pick up the emotional and physical pieces as we try to recover from the best weekend in any given calendar year. It was an odd year for G&T as more than half of our number were involved in the running of the weekend, but as always we still found time for the traditional round-up DwarfCast.

At the end of a hungover and sleepy Sunday, a frankly ridiculous amount of people all crammed into a single hotel room and tried their best to produce something listenable. I think, on balance, we just about managed it. For G&T alone we have John and Tanya, representing both G&T and the Fan Club we have Cappsy, Ian and Danny, along with Fan Club members and helpers Jo Sharples, Jezzmund Harrison, Carrie Parsons, Alex Newsome, Kiran Parsons, Joey Cannon and Tom Pyott. Finally, the excellent members of the G&T community that we dragged kicking and screaming from the bar include, in no particular order, Karl (Tarka Dal), Mick (mick), Mabel (HelloMabel), Annie (anniescribe) and Claire (Claire).

You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.

  • The Man In The Rubber Mask: Out Now

Man In The Rubber MaskRegular readers of this site will already be aware that Robert Llewelyn has been updating his book about the making of Red Dwarf, ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’, to cover all of the events since the books release. An excellent audio version of the updated book has been available to download from AudioBoo for a while and some of you will have picked up advance copies at one of Robert’s signings or DJXVII, but now the book is fully available to order online in a paperback format. The book is available from Amazon for the highly reasonable price of £7.19 here.