Series XI News – Unofficial Announcement

Red Dwarf XIDoug Naylor made an unofficial announcement of Series XI at the Red Dwarf convention Dimension Jump XVII.

The following are tweets by the Ganymede and Titan twitter feed and the Gazpacho Soup twitter feed on Doug’s Q&A session at the convention:

Doug, Series 11: “I had a plan. I planned it. We wanted to announce it today. We can’t.” [source]

Doug wants to direct and write all of XI himself. Plans for six episodes again. [source]

Audience confirmed for XI. [source]

Doug: “Lots of ideas, no scripts yet.” Budget needs to be finalised first. [source]

Doug, Series XI: “My feeling is that we’ll be shooting it in February.” [source] [source]

So Series XI not officially confirmed, but all seem sure it’ll go ahead. [source]

And in other almost as delightful news, Doug confirmed for Red Dwarf novels are being planned:

Doug promising more books: some written by him, and some from Rob! [source]

More information on his Q&A session, as well as all other goings on at Dimension Jump XVII can be heard in the upcoming Dwarfcast on Dimension Jump XVII, hosted by Ganymede and Titan. We’ll add a link to it here when it becomes available but you can find the Dwarfcast at or subscribe via iTunes.