News Roundup (17/03/13)

  • The Garbage Podcast: Series I Commentaries – Confidence & Paranoia


In this edition of our continuing celebration of Red Dwarf’s silver anniversary, we mark the 25th anniversary of the initial airing of Confidence & Paranoia with our latest commentary for the episode. With the last two shows of Series I, Red Dwarf really takes of as the writers and actors have eased into the show more. This also marks the start of what would be come a recurrent theme in the show; the exploration of the psyche. With a lack of outside influence to turn to, Rob and Doug instead have their characters look inward and we start to really get a deeper analysis of what makes them tick. In this episode, it’s Lister that we get under the skin of, finally starting to see what holds him back and why he never made any attempt to fulfil his dream with Kochanski when she was still alive.

Was a manifestation of the psyche an inevitability in a sci-fi comedy? Why did Rob and Doug keep coming back to it? Does Rimmer have Lister’s best interests at heart? And just who likes short shorts? (Spoiler: Chris Barrie fans like short shorts.) Literally some of these questions will be answered as Alex, James and Andrew take a look at a highlight of the first series.

You can download it from The Garbage Podcast site or via iTunes and if you enjoy it then please do leave us a rating/review to let other people know; we’d greatly appreciate it. You can also stream the podcast on the player below:



  • Dwarfcasts: Justice

dwarfcasts_logo_2011Ganymede & Titan have uploaded a new edition of their Dwarfcast episode commentaries, this time covering Justice from Series IV. Ian Symes, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Daniel Stephenson, Jonathan Capps and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples look over the episode and afterwards there is also a bonus commentary on the Series IV deleted scenes.

You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.


  • The Red Dwarf Introcast – Red Dwarf USA

rdpodcastlogosizedA new episode of The Red Dwarf Introcast has been uploaded, this time reviewing Red Dwarf USA. Heath, Angela, Shane and Paul are joined by Nick Quinn to discuss what the much maligned both Red Dwarf US pilots. So just what will Heath and Angela make of it? Will they love it? Or will they go against the general consensus? You’ll have to listen to find out.

The episodes are available to download and you can find them on the podcast’s website and is also available on iTunes.


  • Danny John Jules In ‘Pussys Galore’

danny bikeFor Comic Relief, Danny John-Jules and his MotoVentures partner Steve Keys have created and released a comedy short in which they play  Cat Man and Panther, fighting the villainous Slocombe and trying to stop her from hoarding all the red noses. And it’s all done in pink lycra! You can watch the short below:



  • “Electric cars? They’re rubbish aren’t they?!”

BobbyNext week sees Robert Llewellyn giving talks to various skeptic societies on the subject of electric cars and their worth. Here’s the blurb:

Electric cars? They’re rubbish aren’t they?! Nothing but glorified golf carts that take forever to charge and then run out of power on the way to the shops. Try finding somewhere to charge them. They cost a fortune to buy and another fortune to replace the battery when its range drops to half. You don’t want to believe all that nonsense about them being environmentally-friendly. They are actually worse than petrol-powered cars because the batteries are made from dirty lithium and use electricity made from dirtier coal. There isn’t even enough lithium in the world to make all the new batteries we’d need anyway. Electric cars are just rubbish. Aren’t they? – Robert says no. This evening he’ll tell us why he thinks we need to put away our prejudices and think seriously about electric vehicles as the future of transport.

You can see Bobby giving the talk at the following locations on the following dates and you don’t need to be a member to attend:


  • Norman Lovett Live In London

normanlovett_profilepicHaving previously told you about Hattie’s appearance at Ruby Tuesdays in Central London, we can now also confirm that  the next one will feature Norman Lovett. Here’s the blurb from the organisers:

Ruby Tuesdays continues its distinctly red shade with another Red Dwarf star as April’s headliner, NORMAN LOVETT.

Norman is a true legend of stand-up, with a career that stretches back some 30 years. As well as being recognised by as Holly the computer from the cult sci-fi sitcom, he was one of the small group of comics who played the original Comedy Store.

Also performing:

IAN SMITH. A star in its ascendency on the UK comedy circuit, Ian has been a finalist in pretty much every new act competition going. He gets extra points for being a support act for legendary wrestler Mick Foley in 2011. “He’s a smart operator with an appealing manner and can expect a fruitful comedy career ahead.” Chortle

AMY HOGGART as PATTIE BREWSTER. Pattie Brewster has no friends. Instead she sits around collecting cats and writing self-help books. “Smart and sassy… highly impressive and original characters.” The List. “She has the charm of Lucy Porter and the potential to reach even higher on the comedy ladder.” Chortle

ADAM OLIVER. With his unique and unpredictable brand of clowning, Adam has performed shows at Fringe festivals in Brighton, Edinburgh and Adelaide. In 2011, under his German alter-ego Stefan, he duped Radio 1 into allowing him on-air with David Hasslehoff. Expect plenty of audience interaction.

ALEX LOVE. Finalist in the highest profile comedy competition in the market town of Droitwich, Worcestershire, Alex is also quite keen on telling people that he’s a support act for Richard Herring’s Edinburgh preview in Brighton in July.

Introducing IAN SYMES. Upgrading himself from audience at the last Ruby to performer in his first ever gig, Ian is a big name on certain internet forums. He is occasionally recognised as being one of the presenters from Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Channel 5.

Your MC for this fine evening will be PAUL LANGTON. Fresh from pulling out of Edinburgh 2013, Paul was a finalist in Up the Creek’s One to Watch competition in 2011 and likes to shout things.

The show takes place at The Queen’s Head in Piccadilly Circus at 8PM and entry is £3. You can find more details on the event’s Facebook page here.


  • Space Precinct Legacy: Blu Ray Release

Space PHaving mentioned the premiere screening of the documentary last week, we now have details of how to preorder Space Precinct Legacy on Blu Ray. The documentary is about the short lived Gerry Anderson series and among the talking heads are Bill Pearson and Steve Begg whose work on Red Dwarf you’ll be familiar with. The documentary also interviews members of the cast and well known people from the effects world such as Neil Gorton. Having watched the film at the premiere we have to say that it’s worth watching for Bill’s humorous contribution alone, but it’s an interesting look at an ambitious failure.

You can preorder the Blu Ray from Amazon for it’s April 1st release date. You can view a trailer for the film below: