The Garbage Podcast – Series I Commentaries: The End

Image2How time flies! 25 years ago today, Red Dwarf first graced our screens and immediately broke with typical sitcom set ups by killing off nearly the entirety of the show’s characters. It was clear from day one that this show was something a little out of the ordinary and this very fact would allow the show to explore all manner of ideas and reinvent itself several times. Perhaps this is a strong part of the reason the show ha endured to this very day.

To mark the show’s silver anniversary, The Garbage Podcast are releasing commentaries for every episode of Series I on the anniversary of each episodes’ initial airing. In this first edition we look at The End, discussing the changes between the first recording and the second, the problems with the remastered projects ‘improvements’ and Craig Charles testicles. There’s also a special introduction to mark the special occasion.

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For those that are hard of hearing, there is a transcript of the opening available in our features section here. You can also still view the advert for this series of podcasts where Patrick Stewart* outlines our plans and shares some of his thoughts on the show 15 years on from his appearance on Red Dwarf Night’s 10th anniversary celebrations. (Again, for those that are hard of hearing, we’ve corrected all of the subtitles YouTube provides so that you can see it too.)

(*Video may not actually contain Patrick Stewart.)