A 25th Anniversary Preview With Patrick Stewart (Spoof)

Friday marks Red Dwarf’s 25th anniversary, and naturally we have something prepared for the event. The Garbage Podcast will be releasing commentaries for every episode of Series I on the anniversary of each episodes’ initial airing and we’ll be updating at midnight on Friday to give you all a chance to get to it before the live Dwarfcast from our friends at Ganymede & Titan, which we obviously recommend all of you listen to. The first edition will be an extended episode featuring our commentary for The End and an extra special introduction

In the meantime, picking up from his spot on Red Dwarf Night’s 10th anniversary celebrations, here’s Patrick Stewart to outline our plans and share some of his thoughts on the show 15 years on.*

[youtube http://youtu.be/YZZqS5sDOVE]

(*Video may not actually contain Patrick Stewart.)