News Roundup (13/01/13)

  • Vote For RDX In The 2012 Awards

Red_Dwarf_X_logoThe British Comedy Guide website is conducting it’s yearly comedy awards and Red Dwarf X is up for nomination. Here’s the blurb:

2012 was a good year for British TV & radio comedy. There was over 1,200 hours of new comedy broadcast across over 300 different shows. But what was the best and worst? The Awards (now in their 7th year) aim to find out. Every comedy from 2012 is nominated (no biased shortlists!) and the results are 100% based on public opinion.

This poll is open to all, and it only takes about 4 minutes to vote. To start, we just need your name and email please (to help prevent vote rigging, we will not email you)….

You can vote for Red Dwarf X in the ‘Best Returning Sitcom’ and the ‘2012 Overall’ categories at the British Comedy Guide website.

  • Dwarfcasts: Bodyswap

dwarfcasts_logo_2011Ganymede & Titan have uploaded a new edition of their Dwarfcast episode commentaries, this time covering Bodyswap from Series III. Ian Cappsy, John, Tanya and Danny look over the episode and afterwards there is also a bonus commentary on the Series III deleted scenes.

You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.


  • News From The Squares

pRobert Llewellyn’s new book, ‘News From The Squares’, is now listed on the Unbound website for pledges. The sequel to last year’s ‘News From Gardenia’ and the second part of a trilogy, this new book sees Gavin Meckler in another possible future where the human race has managed to get things right, all be it this time in total contrast to the one he encountered in Gardenia. Gavin is surprised to find himself in the sustainable megacity of London that now occupies most of the UK, but even more surprised when he discovers that the governing bodies, security services, medical establishments, companies, legal profession and scientists are all made up entirely of women, causing him not only to question mans relationship with the earth it depends upon, but also his own views on the differences between the sexes.

You can support the project by pledging anything from £10 to £300, with different levels of pledges unlocking different incentives. You can find full details of the book / pledge levels, see the pitch video, read an excerpt and back the project on the Unbound website.

  • Howard Goodall’s Story Of Music – Update

HowardGoodallRed Dwarf music man Howard Goodall’s new BBC Two series called  Howard Goodall’s The Story Of Music now has it’s air date confirmed. The six hour-long programmes that document the history of music in “an attempt to make the basic building blocks of music clear,” will begin on Saturday 26th January at 7:30PM.

The first part of the series, ‘The Age of Discovery’, sees Howard examining what in his views were the beginnings of humankind’s development of music. Here’s the synopsis:

The series charts from year dot to, with Howard suggesting that music has always been a crucial part of human existence. Archaeological evidence has shown that music, although there is no sure-fire way to know exactly what it sounded like, was just as important as a component of life in the Upper Paleolithic Age as it is today. In the Age of Discovery, Howard also charts the development of ‘Gregorian’ chant and advises that the style started with a handful of monks singing the same tune in unison, without rhythm and harmony. Over several centuries, medieval musicians painstakingly put together the basics of what is now known as harmony.