News Roundup (06/01/13)

  • Ganymede & Titan’s Silver Survey

silversurveynoclickyTo celebrate Red Dwarf’s 25ht anniversary year, Ganymede & Titan have begun an update to their attempt to rank all of the episodes of Red Dwarf to bring it up to date an encompass Back to Earth and Series X. This time, the voting is open to everyone, providing they can stick with the long project of working out their own ordering of every episode of the show. Here’s G&T’s explanation of how to vote for your order:

To get started with this admittedly daunting task simply go to our special mini-site, where you’ll find a helpfully colour coded list of episodes for you to order to your hearts content.  We’ve tried to make the process as quick as painless as possible so ordering the episodes is a simple case of dragging and dropping, and there’s even a way to save your current order so you can have a break and come back later.  Having said that, though, I’d recommend you have your order saved separately somewhere just in case my wonderful system breaks in some way. If you’re having any problems at all, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

The only piece of information we require from you (other than your episode rankings, that is) is your email address. This is to help us filter out any duplicate submissions, identify and remove any spam and to also provide you with a helpful email summarising your choices. We will not use your email address for anything else, so don’t panic. We’re also asking (but not demanding) some extra information that will help us build pretty graphs in the future. Graphs are cool.

You find the full write up on the project and the link to the mini site where you can place your vote here on the G&T site.

  • Series X 3D Behind The Scenes Pictures

Red_Dwarf_X_logoNathan Cubitt has uploaded a few behind the scenes pictures from Series X. The 3 pictures taken during the filming of Entangled have been rendered to be viewed in 3D with a pair of red/blue lens 3D glasses. You can find the images on Nathan’s Twitter profile by clicking on the thumbnails below:

A_eAKtGCUAIjHWJ.jpg-large A_d_st9CcAAHGvB.jpg-large A_eAbzWCAAAgGSv.jpg-large

  • Death In Paradise – Series 2

danny-in-paradiseFollowing on from the success of the first series of Death in Paradise last year, BBC One are set to air a brand new series imminently. The drama starring Ben Miller features Danny as the local police man, Dwayne Myers. Here is the synopsis for the series from The Official Red Dwarf Website:

DI Richard Poole is still trapped on the Caribbean island paradise of Saint- Marie – and for him the sun, sea and sand continue to irritate, as he irritates his long-suffering colleagues. But, he’s also as brilliant as ever. His eye for detail, relentless logic and stubborn refusal to leave anything unexplained works seamlessly with the instinctive and insightful knowledge of the beautiful Sergeant Bordey. She has much to teach him about human behaviour… With the often unorthodox assistance of Dwayne and Fidel, they tackle a baffling array of unique murders, from pirate curses to nuns killed in locked rooms – even one with a hurricane bearing down on them! Most seem impossible, but Richard and his team always get to the heart of the mystery…

The new 8 part series starts this Thursday at 9PM on BBC One.

  • Robert Llewellyn On The ‘A Bit Of A Chat With Ken Plume’ Podcast

BobbyRobert Llewelyn appeared as a guest on a new edition of the ‘A Bit of a Chat With Ken Plume’ podcast. In the nearly 3 hour long podcast they discuss everything from Red Dwarf to shoemaking, dead zones, intellectual contraband, vertigo, and the greatest math.

You can download the podcast from the ‘A Bit of a Chat’ website or via iTunes. You can also find the edition with Richard Naylor as a guest here.


  • Update: Howard Burden Sci-Fi Design Lecture

imageFollowing on from our reporting of Howard Burden’s upcoming talk on ‘Designing Science Fiction’ at the BFI Southbank, we now have details of when and where you can book tickets. The screen design seminars aim to show attendees what is required to succeed in the film and television industries but presenting illustrated talks and discussions with leading industry figures. In this particular lecture, Howard will talk through the disciplines required to create designs to fit into Sci-Fi worlds as he has done in his work on both Red Dwarf and Doctor Who.

The event takes place at 14:30 on Wednesday 20th February at the BFI Southbank (NFT3) and tickets are £5. Tickets are currently only available to BFI members, but will go on sale to the general public on January 15th at 11:30AM from the BFI via their website or you can book by phone at 020 7928 3232.