News Roundup (09/12/12)

  • Series X: Odds & Sods

Red_Dwarf_X_logoSeries X’s recent DVD release has once again provided us with a couple of bits of press that may be of interest. First of all, Robert took questions this week from readers of i09 on Red Dwarf, Fully Charged and various other topics. You can read all of his responses here. Meanwhile, Chris was also interviewed for the Mark & Nina Radio Show on 102.3 HFM. The interview is available to listen to on youtube below:


It’s also worth a quick reminder to our Australian readers that Series X is released next Wednesday on December 14th. You can read more about it in the Friday update from the Official Site and US fans can expect to see the DVD and Blu-Ray get their Region 1 release in the new year on January 8th.

  • Bill Pearson’s Red Dwarf Xmas

xmasThose of you that listened to the recent Dwarfcast interview with Bill Pearson may well have been intrigued by Bill comments that the Annihilator model was created for a proposed Red Dwarf Christmas special. Well, seeing as this work would go on to play a small part in the recent Series X and Christmas is on the way, Bill felt that is seemed like a good time to shed a bit more light on the story as a Christmas treat for the fans. Thanks to a variety of materials he has provided us with, we can now bring you the full details of the work that was done and some things that many Red Dwarf fans are unlikely to have ever seen before.

The special (which was apparently written with the idea of beng ‘panto-like’ in mind,) was penned by Bill himself for fun, and long time fan club members may be familiar with it under it’s working title of ‘Dropship Project’ from when it was feature in an edited form in issue 33 of Better Than Life in 2000. To pitch the idea, Bill also created a few models and props too as a way of demonstrating what the final show might look like. While it was never taken further than this stage, the work put into creating the models would later be hugely helpful, providing as it did a ready ‘on-shelf’ model to use for the Annihilators in The Beginning.

So by way of documenting the origins of a small part of Red Dwarf X, we have gathered together all of the source material relating to the project to satisfy even the most anal of fan’s curiosity. You can find the full collection of materials in our features section here, including the original full length script, the edited version as it appeared in Better Than Life, pictures of the models, design sketches and (perhaps most excitingly of all) Bill’s original pitch video featuring a breakdown of the story, some footage of the models in action and a basic camera test to illustrate how parts of the show may have looked.

  • Dirty Feed: “Oh, a magic door! Well, why didn’t you say?”

ps.upatebic.170x170-75John Hoare (of Ganymede & Titan shame) has posted an interesting article on Dirty Feed looking back at an old Red Dwarf BBC Micro public domain disc. It’s an interesting insight into a long forgotten area of Red Dwarf fandom and somewhat interesting to look back at opinions circa the end of Series IV and in the run up to V. You can find the article here.



  • Dwarfcasts: Series X Retrospective – Byte One

dwarfcasts_logo_2011Ganymede & Titan have released a new Dwarfcast, this time looking back over Series X in the first part of their Series X retrospective. Cappsy, John, Tanya, Danny and Ian talk through their thoughts on Trojan, Fathers & Suns and Lemons about a week and a half after the series finished, allowing time for some revision and reflection of opinions since the live instant reactions podcasts and with the benefit of repeated viewings, insights from the DVD documentary, and several weeks’ worth of arguments on G&T.

You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.

  • The Red Dwarf Introcast – Camille & D.N.A

rdpodcastlogosizedTwo new episodes of The Red Dwarf Introcast have been uploaded. The first of these sees Heath, Angela and Shane joined by Nick Quinnto to review Camille and the second episode sees Heath, Angela and Paul joined by Paul Hadsley to talk about D.N.A. The episodes are available to download and you can find it on the podcast’s website and is also available on iTunes.