News Roundup (11/11/12)

  • The Beginning: Where To Watch It

While most of you will now have seen The Beginning, there will doubtless be some that missed it and even more that want to see it again. So what are your options? Well they are limited to UK residents at the moment. Firstly, the shows are repeated through the week after there initial 9PM airings. You can view repeats at on Thursday at 11:35PM, Saturdays at 10:00PM and Wednesdays at 8:20PM. All of these can of course also be viewed one hour later on Dave Ja-Vu.

Dave have also now launched their seven-day catch-up service. As soon as each new episode has finished it is then available to view online for another 7 days. You can access the service and watch the episode here. For those of you that would look a copy of the show to keep however there are two options. The whole series will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 19th, but in the meantime the series is being made available one episode at a time on iTunes. Individual episodes are released shortly after their TV airings at a cost of £2.49 and a series pass is also available for £12.99. You can find Series X on iTunes here.

  • The Beginning: Reviews

There are a lot of reviews around and there are likely to be more when the press release their end of week TV reviews. Here is a selection of some of the reviews coming in for Entangled.

Ganymede & Titan

Den Of Geek


Cult box

Cult Fix


Starburst Magazine

Radio Times

The Guardian (via The British Comedy Guide)

Dork Adore

Sci-Fi Bulletin

The Cult Den


Dan’s Media Digest

If you missed it, Andrew made a quick update to the site covering a smattering of the reaction to the show on Twitter. You can find his post here.

  • The Beginning: Viewing Figures

The overnight ratings are in for Episode 6 of the new series. ‘The Beginning’ was viewed by 975k people across Dave and Dave Ja Vu in its initial airing. This is down 0.2m on last week, but that is largely due to strong competition. Not including Dave Ja Vu it clocks in as Dave’s eighth highest overnight rating behind 6 new episodes of Red Dwarf (‘Back to Earth’ Episode 1 and 3, ‘Trojan’, ‘Fathers and Suns’, ‘Lemons’ and ‘Dear Dave’ as well as a repeat of ‘Gunmen of the Apocalypse’). For a full breakdown of figures, James has a detailed write up which you can read here.

  • Other Series X Media

The official website for Dave has updated with a couple of Dear Dave related bits. First up, there is a gallery of photos from the show itself. There are no behind the scenes pictures this week, but Dave have published a quiz on the episode as well as one for the series as a whole. Dave have also posted their selection of the ten best moments from this series and various video interviews with some of the guest cast. You can find Mark Dexter, Rebecca Blackstone, James Baxter, Steven Wickham and Alex Hardy discussing their roles in the series on the Dave website.

Aside from Dave’s updates, Den of Geek have this rather interesting interview with Doug and The Offical Red Dwarf Fan Club have released short introduction to The Beginning from Bill Pearson which can be viewed below:


  • Series X DVD Details

The Official Site has updated with a detailed breakdown of the contents of the upcoming Series X DVD. While the overall contents had previously been revealed, this article provides a first look at the new menus (featuring the traditional digital recreation of the series’ sets), some shots from the 2 hour documentary and has a list of what deleted scenes have been included.The DVD will be avalible in the UK on November 19th. It will receive a region 4 release on the 12th December and a Region 1 release on 8th January.

  • Dimension Jump XVII Update

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club has announced guest for next year’s Dimension Jump. Alex Hardy, Simon Treves and Philip Labey will join the lineup that already contains Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Rebecca Blackstone, Sidney Stevenson, Isla Ure, Tony Hawks and Bill Pearson. More exciting guest names will be announced in the run up to the event. Registration for the event is £65 for current fan club members, and £80 for non-members. There are also special rates available to attendees for hotel rooms, and you can find details of how to book them, links to register and general info on the Dimension Jump website.

  • Dwarfcast: The Beginning – Instant Reactions

Ganymede & Titan have released their latest Dwarfcast covering The Beginning. This final live reaction episode features guest spots from Jonathan ‘Jonsmad’ Young and Seb Patrick discussing their thoughts on the episode and the series as a whole. You can find it here or you can subscribe via iTunes.



  • The Garbage Podcast: Dear Dave

The latest edition of The Garbage Podcast is now available to download. With Series X having reached the penultimate episode, The Garbage Podcast this week takes an in depth look at at Dear Dave. Alex, James and Andrew discuss their views on these issues and take a look at the online reaction to the fifth episode and debate the age old issue of what is more important to Red Dwarf; a strong plot or lots of gags?

You can download it from The Garbage Podcast site, via iTunes or you can stream it on the player below:

  • The Red Dwarf Introcast

A new episode of The Red Dwarf Introcast. This episode sees Heath, Angela, Shane, and Paul joined by Russ to review Bodyswap. The episode is available to download and you can find them on the podcast’s website and is also available on iTunes.



  • Howard Goodall’s Piano Fantasies

Howard Goodall, the man responsible for the majority of Red Dwarf’s incidental music, is releasing an album next year via Decca Records. ‘Inspired’ collects together some of his best known work, including 2 Red Dwarf tracks. However, Howard has reworked both the title music and Tongue Tied as ‘moody piano solos’, creating a whole new take on the well known pieces. These new “piano fantasy” versions are now available to buy on iTunes as a two-track single. You can get either of the tracks individually for just 79p, or the two together for £1.49.

  • Robert Llewellyn’s Fully charged – Featuring Doug Naylor

Ok, we admit that with all the recent Red Dwarf news we’ve been a little lax in updating for each new episode of Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged. However, we couldn’t let the latest edition pass without comment, featuring as it does an interview with Doug Naylor. The episode sees Doug discussing his ideas on how Red Dwarf is powered, how the lightbee works and other issues. You can watch it below and you can download the Fully Charged app from the Google Play store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices.:


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