Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: The Beginning

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You are, of course, entitled to an opinion


Let’s hear it for the effects team



Funny for short term fans too. It works on so many levels




That is an interesting fact

Lister said he would never mention it again, no matter how you spell it


Well it’s fun to watch the internet explode


I just like portal-tastic

An uplifting ending

What is it that you want?

We’ll always remember

Couldn’t have put it better myself


  1. Red dwarf x go out with it head held high a great season and Dave a great home for the fan four to be on.
    A big hand should go out to everybody who has work so hard in front and behind the camra to make Red dwarf x one of the best season of the series.
    God bless cast,crew and Doug for all there hard work on the show.

  2. “Red Dwarf X was flawless” ?!?%#@?!? Say what? Bwahahaha! May I recommend shock treatment, sir? Or at least a pill to counteract ludicrous hyperbole?!

  3. Hi Everyone!

    Glad you seemed to like our Model FX work (on a very limited budget!) Alex and my Team wish you a nice Christmas, and we hope you like our present from us!

    All the Best, Bill, and the Team.

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