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The Garbage Podcast – Series X Retrospective

November 28, 2012 Alex 0

Rounding off our Series X podcasts, this edition of The Garbage Podcast sees Alex, James and Andrew taking a look back over the tenth series. The overall merits of the series and the adversity that had to be overcome to make it are discussed at length as we take into […]

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News Roundup (25/11/12)

November 25, 2012 Alex 0

Series X DVD With the Series X DVD having been released on monday there has been a variety of reviews making their way online.  The shows themselves got a generally great reaction and it appears that the DVD is getting the same. This is due in no small part of […]

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Gazpacho Soup Day Giveaway

November 25, 2012 Alex 0

It’s November 25th and that means it’s Gazpacho Soup day. To celebrate the event that this site takes it’s name from, we are having a one day competition to win a few little prizes. Up for grabs we have two copies of the Red Dwarf X DVD, both the HMV […]

Red Dwarf X: DVD Review

November 19, 2012 Andrew 0

Number of discs: 2 Classification: 12 Studio: 2entertain Region: Region 2 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 – 1.78:1 Release Date: 19 Nov 2012 Run Time: 178 minutes Price: £20.42 RRP (DVD)/ £25.52 (Blu-Ray) After what seemed like an eternity between the shooting and broadcast, Red Dwarf X is now available to own […]

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News Roundup (18/11/12)

November 18, 2012 James 0

Red Dwarf X on DVD and Blu-Ray Red Dwarf X is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, Monday 19th November. The release includes multitudes of extra features that we have come to expect from Red Dwarf releases including a two hour documentary venturing into the trials and tribulations […]

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The Garbage Podcast – Series X Reviews: The Beginning

November 13, 2012 Alex 0

For the last time this series, The Garbage Podcast take an in-depth look at the the latest episode of Series X; The Beginning. . Alex, James and Andrew discuss their views on the episode, thoughts on it’s implications upon the series and how close this episode is to the movie […]

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News Roundup (11/11/12)

November 11, 2012 Alex 0

The Beginning: Where To Watch It While most of you will now have seen The Beginning, there will doubtless be some that missed it and even more that want to see it again. So what are your options? Well they are limited to UK residents at the moment. Firstly, the […]

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Series X News – The Beginning Overnight

November 10, 2012 James 0

The Beginning Overnight Rating The overnight ratings are in for the final episode of the new series. ‘The Beginning’ was viewed by 975k people across Dave and Dave Ja Vu in its initial airing. This is down 0.2m on last week. Not including Dave Ja Vu it clocks in as […]

Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: The Beginning

November 9, 2012 Andrew 0

Share the love Best episode of #RedDwarfX Ever! I seems like yesterday I watched at #SheppertonStudios — Dan Hargreaves (@danhargreaves) November 8, 2012 Saved the best episode til last #RedDwarfX — Colette Montgomery (@ColetteMontgome) November 8, 2012 Tonight's #RedDwarfX was fantastic. The best of the new series. Dwarf bowing out […]

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Series X Discussion – The Beginning.

November 8, 2012 Alex 0

The weeks have flown by but here we are at the last episode of Series X, The Beginning. It’s going to be an episode that gets a lot of discussion going for a variety of reasons and we can’t wait to see what you all think. So once again here […]