The Garbage Podcast – Series X Reviews: Lemons

The latest edition of The Garbage Podcast looking at Lemons is now available to download. We discuss our opinions on the show and the reaction it’s received online, in the press and in terms of viewing figures.

You can download it from iTunes or you can stream it on the player below:

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  1. you mentioned me on the podcast, i feel famous ha ha ha. Watched lemons again and it still doesn’t do it for me, yes i admit there was some good lines and they did make me laugh just not in a i can’t breathe way, the ad break which i believe someone else has already mentioned wasn’t placed very well and i know that that can’t be helped but the ad break in trojan was straight after the moose gag and i just couldn’t wait for the ads to piss off and get back to it, i just didn’t get the same feeling with lemons, in fact it was really reminiscent of the second part of back to earth, having said that back to earth was way better on the dvd without the ad breaks, and maybe lemons may also have that on its side. Will i cast this episode aside and not give it the love i,ve given to all other red dwarf, of course not its red dwarf, and i can’t wait for the dvd release, more items to add to my collection the wife will be pleased oh and jesus. i hear he’s a big fan. keep up the good work guys. love ya

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