Series X Discussion – Entangled

Tonight sees Dave airing Entangled, the fourth episode of the all new Series X. We’re once again putting up a post here for you to post any comments that you have on the show. Don’t forget, we are also on the lookout for comments on the show for the next episode of The Garbage Podcast, so if you’d like something included this is the perfect place to post it. You can contact us by email at or message us on Twitter and Facebook. We are also open to MP3 submissions should you be so inclined. We’ll be recording very soon, so if you’d like to be included it’s better to email sooner rather than later. We look forward to hearing from you!

So, you know what to do, start commenting!


  1. Now that was fantastic even though i,d seen the clips of this very episode on youtube they still made me laugh out loud, great flow cat and kryten were epic and yes some of the ideas have been used before although tweeked but who cares i loved it, and professor irene WOW i certainly wouldn’t of blown her out of an air lock, but the irony was great. more like that please.

  2. Hi i saw this episode being filmed and was nice to see how it all fitted together and to finaly see ending as actress was to ill to film her bits at time so we only got see the money to human legs bit .Smeg brilliant better than i remmber.
    one small niggle though why did lister say we get starbug 2 to get star bug 1 when they used blue midget?

  3. There doesn’t seem to be any mention anywhere of Lister cutting Cat’s ponytail off? Am I the only one who thought that Cat in all his vanity may have been just a little more pissed off with Lister doing something as extreme as that?

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