Series X News – Lemons Overnight and Trojan Consolidated Ratings

Lemons Overnight Rating

The overnight ratings are in for Episode 3 of the new series. ‘Lemons’ was viewed by 1.23m people across Dave and Dave Ja Vu in its initial airing. This is up 0.1m on ‘Fathers and Suns’. It takes ‘Fathers and Suns’ place as being the third highest overnight for Dave in its history.

More good news comes in the form of demographic skew. ‘Lemons’ had a 3.7 ratings in the 16-34 demographic. A 3.7 ratings puts it above a good amount of ITV’s best rating programming. It also rated very well in the ABC1 demographic. It skewed 58% in the ABC1 demographic which is way above the normal for any programming on TV, on BBC or ITV. More information on the ABC1 demographic can be found here.

At the same time competition was relatively lower than last week.

BBC One drama Hunted was practically flat, just 0.02m up from last week to 3.44m.

ITV1 drama Homefront clocked in another poor primetime rating for ITV with just 2.34m at the 9pm hour.

BBC Two had a strong performance with their documentary series The Choir. It recorded 2.84m viewers in the 9pm hour.

Russell Howard’s Good News recovered some viewers lost in the last two weeks to achieve 0.86m viewers in the 9pm hour but it is still clearly damaged by a head to head airing with Red Dwarf.

Trojan Consolidated Ratings

Several of the consolidated figures for ‘Trojan’ are in. As ‘Back to Earth’ shown, the overnights don’t give a full view of just how many people watch Red Dwarf.

The first Dave airing on Thursday at 9pm achieved 1.46m on the overnight. This risen over 0.5m to 1.976m in the final consolidated figure.

The Dave Ja Vu airing on Thursday at 10pm had an overnight of 0.069m. This risen to 0.113m in the final consolidated figure.

The second Dave airing on Thursday at 11:40pm achieved a consolidated figure of 0.598m. This figure is very impressive for such a late night slot.

The third Dave airing on Saturday at 10pm achieved a consolidated figure of 0.592m.

Figures for the fourth airing, on Wednesday at 8pm will be available next week.

Adding the available consolidated figures together shows that nearly 3.3m people have viewed Red Dwarf in some form across the multiple airings. With the Wednesday repeat figures still to be included, it could yet achieve a similar total reach as ‘Back to Earth’ Episode 1. ‘Back to Earth’ Episode 1 was viewed by 4 million people in total consolidated reach.

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