Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: Lemons

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Is it really?


  1. Jonathan Morris : At what point does opinion become *Purest Bollocks*. This man has provided the answer. Heh. I like his work though!

  2. Each episode just get better and better and this week episode is the best out of the three so far.
    Love the way that Cat eats bits of Lister and do not know he’s doing so in till latter on in the episode and that Rimmer comes up with the great idea of getting back to the Dwarf.
    Also love the guest set could not tell it was film indoors the lighting was so good one of the best outdoor sets that I have seen in years.
    Keep up the good work Doug,Cast,Crew and DAVE if this series of RED DWARF was the only thing on tv this year it would still be a great year of tv.

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