Series X News – Fathers and Suns Overnight Ratings

The overnight ratings are in for Episode 2 of the new series. ‘Fathers and Suns’ was viewed by 1.1m people at the 9pm hour and 0.035m people on Dave Ja Vu at 10pm. While this is down around 0.3m on ‘Trojan’, it is still above the figures for ‘Back to Earth’ Episodes 2 and 3. It is also the third highest overnight for Dave in its history.

Repeats of Series IV also provided strong ratings in primetime. A repeat of ‘White Hole’ was watched by 0.423m viewers while 0.293m viewers stuck around for ‘Dimension Jump’.

More good news for the Red Dwarf ratings come in the demographic breakdown. The advertiser desired demographic of viewers at an age of 16-34 dominated viewership with around 40% making up the near 1.2m people who watched ‘Fathers and Suns’. With such high 16-34 viewership, it compares favourably to some big name ITV shows such as mega-hit Downton Abbey. ¬†Last Sunday Downton Abbey recorded just under 0.95m viewers in the 16-34 demographic which compares well to Red Dwarf’s near 0.5m viewers in the 16-34 demographic.

At the same time competition was relatively lower than last week.

BBC One drama Hunted fell from last weeks 4.46m to an anaemic 3.42m.

Channel 4 provided the big competition of the night. Their documentary The Plane Crash informed 3.15m viewers.

Russell Howard’s Good News on BBC Three at 9pm was down even further than last week with 0.612m. This is one of the shows lowest ratings ever.

ITV1 drama Homefront clocked in a poor primetime rating for ITV with just 2.44m at the 9pm hour.

Channel 5 provided little competition for Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf led Dave to a primetime victory against Channel 5. Dave achieving a 3% share of primetime viewing compared with Channel 5’s 2.7% share.

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