Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: Fathers and Suns

After the hype of the big return Red Dwarf X settles into its run with that tricky second episode, ‘Fathers and Suns’. After last week’s derelict based show this one is completely set on board the small rouge one. So what did you make of it internets?


Not Love


Is it racist?


Mad Skillz

A Fine Ending

Sorry Seb. It was a coincidence, honest

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  1. Fathers and Suns just as great as lest week episode if not better Rebecca Blackstone was super and very nice to hear Holly’s name just goes to show the great one is not forgotten.
    We get to see more of the ship this week inside and out and it just goes to show that Doug and crew do not need a lot of money to make the show look good Lister’s trip outside and the look of Red Dwarf inside shows that.
    Thanks DAVE for giving new life to the series and thanks guys for the shout out on last weeks Garbage Podcast roll on next week show.

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