Series X News – Alternative DVD Cover Revealed

The Official Site has updated this week with a look at the alternate cover for the Series X DVD. Click on the image below to view the page and a large version of the cover:

As you can see, it continues the theme used on the Series I-VIII covers. The photo for the front cover is absolutely perfect and feels absolutely right. It’s perhaps an odd choice to go with a colour that isn’t hugely dissimilar to the one for Series VIII considering that it was the last release to feature that design. We know Back To Earth comes in between, but unless there is a rerelease that fits in with this style we can imagine a lot of you moving X forwards. Also interesting is the choice of person to feature on the spine; Jesus. With the main cast used up, it was inevitable that a member of the guest cast would appear. There are some great ones to choose from, but Jesus is perhaps the one that will generate the most attention by virtue of who he is.

Anyway, it’s a lovely cover and exactly what we had been hoping for. No doubt many of you will be opting for this one when you get your copy of the DVD.

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