The Garbage Podcast – Series X Reviews: Trojan

We’ve had something of a technical nightmare this past week and that has meant that this podcast is a little late in coming. Finally however, the latest edition of The Garbage Podcast is available to download. In this episode, we take a look at Trojan, the first episode of Series X. We also now have the full compliment of Gazpacho Soup staff with Andrew joining use to discuss our opinions on the show and the reaction it’s received online, in the press and in terms of viewing figures.

You can download it from iTunes or you can stream it on the player below:

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Don’t forget, we would love to hear your opinions on the rest of the upcoming shows as they go out  and feature them in the podcast. You can contact us by email at, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. We are also open to MP3 submissions should you be so inclined. We’ll be recording very soon, so if you’d like to be included it’s better to email sooner rather than later. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hi guys thank you very much for the shout out on the Trojan podcast a first for me sorry to say at work tonight so can not watch live tonight at nine but if tonight’s goes up on youtube like Trojan then I will give my comments on it if my dslexy do not let me down.
    I think you guys are right that this is the way the series would have gone if series seven and eight was not around but the four episodes that Chris was in for VII I did like and some of VIII but bad Red Dwarf is still good tv but as we all know bad Red Dwarf all the time is not good for the show but X looks like it is going to be a good one better then VII and VIII.
    Anyway love the first to podcats sure the next five will be just as great hope after X that you will still do some more on the old shows and books and the radio show maybe.
    Thanks a lot you guys are one of the best out there.
    P.S do you know if there is going to be more Sutter Cast as I have just found them also apart from you and then and also Dwarf Cast and The Red Dwarf Introcast is there any more podcasts on Red Dwarf that you know about but you are still the best for me.

  2. Currently it’s just the 4 Red Dwarf podcasts around, but that’s not to say that someone won’t start another one sometime. ScutterCast are recording their Series X coverage after the DVD comes out and then returning to their book coverage.

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