Series X Discussion – Trojan

Well we weren’t originally planning on doing an update tonight. Originally the plan had been to let G&T handle the initial reactions and for us to do our update several days later in The Garbage Podcast. With every Red Dwarf Site online crashing however we thought we’d create a place where you can all comment on Trojan to your hearts content. We are also on the lookout for comments on the show for the podcast, so if you’d like something included this is the perfect place to post it.

So Without further ado…



  1. Let’s start with the obvious; it was bloody marvellous. And how about those models? I’m sure you’re all a little bit in love with Bill Pearson and his team now. A fantastic bit of writing from Doug that was a return to the form of at least Series VI. Overall a hugely pleasing episode. And the best bit? There’s 5 more to go!

  2. One of the best episode in years love it amd love the models great work from Bill hope the next five is just as good or better love the cast love Doug and love Dave keep up the great work.

  3. Well that was very funny. Felt more like an old school traditional sitcom to me which I wasn’t expecting. A + distinctions go to the model unit, Howard Goodall and DJJ. Very happy indeed

  4. I rather enjoyed it. Visually it’s superlative, the production values are pretty astonishing for an original digital channel production.

    Comedy is back to RD roots thematically, though being honest it’s not QUITE at Series IV-VI level. Tt’s far from bad though; the moose gag comeback, Trojan banking right and the hat line are all fantastic gags IMO.

    Certainly a very entertaining return to form, and did a bloody fine job in hooking me into the rest of the episodes. Very pleased indeed.

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