Series X News – Whining (New Clip)

Dave have posted their next clip from the new series with a password to unlock. The clip can be unlocked here using the┬ácode “lemons”, or you can view it below. Nothing in the clip seems to indicate which episode it is apart of. It features some nice interplay between Rimmer and Lister that perfectly captures the relationship between the two characters with a strong feeling of classic Red Dwarf.


Dave also posted a new podcast featuring an interview with Chris Barrie. The podcast can be found here. Listen in for Chris Barrie’s impression of Craig Charles.

To accompany the podcast, Dave have also posted 6 new pictures of Rimmer. One can clearly be identified from the third episode, ‘Lemons’, owing to the fruit being on the table along with an assortment of nails. Click the pictures to enlarge.

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