Series X News – Episode Synopses, Press Coverage & An Interview With Doug

There have been various pieces of news in the last few days, and as such we thought it warranted a quick mid-week roundup. First up, the reviews of Trojan have continued to come in over on Ain’t It Cool NewsCult Hub and one at Den of Geek, the later of which is particularly thorough and echoes many of the sentiments of those that saw the episode being recorded. In print, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine due out this week will also feature a full page article on the new Series. It will be in shops from Thursday at a price of £4.99 and you can see a photo of the article from Simon Bromley below:

The Radio Times have also run an interview with Doug Naylor where he talks candidly about the move from the BBC to Dave, Back to Earth and Series X. Doug’s huge enthusiasm is great to see, and you can tell there is a real pride in what has been achieved with the new series, perfectly encapsulated by Doug’s answer to what three words summed up the series; ‘I can give you four. Back. To. Its. Best.’

Digital Spy have been updating with some hugely spoiler laden articles. First up there are a selection of promotional pictures from Trojan. Due to the spoiler within the photos we won’t put the full selection on here, but you can find them by clicking on the shot below:

Finally, Digital Spy have also published a full breakdown of the series with individual episode synopses. These feature some huge spoilers and we advise that many of you may wish to avoid this information.

Episode 1: Trojan
Thursday 4th October 2012
Rimmer receives an SOS Distress Call from a doomed ship commanded by his all-conquering brother, Howard. But Rimmer can’t bring himself to save Howard until he’s on an equal footing career-wise. He has 15 hours to pass his Astro-Nav exam and become an Officer. The same exam he’s already failed nine times.

Episode 2: Fathers and Suns
Thursday 11th October 2012
Every year Lister sends himself a Father’s Day card to celebrate the fact that he is his own father, but when Rimmer points out he’s been a lousy father to himself Lister decides to do something about it. Meanwhile, Rimmer and Kryten install a new computer; the beautiful, but lethally logical, Pree.

Episode 3: Lemons
Thursday 18th October 2012
Marooned in Britain in 23 AD, the Dwarfers need an 8 volt battery to power up their Returner Remote and get home. Remembering a lesson from school Rimmer suggests they make a battery out of lemons but the nearest lemon to Britain in 23 AD is in India 4,000 miles away. They begin their journey, a journey that will ultimately lead them to a meeting with a historical A-List Celebrity that could alter the entire history of civilisation.

Episode 4: Entangled
Thursday 25th October 2012
Lister loses Rimmer in a game of poker to a group of Biologically Engineered Life Forms and in return gets an unwanted gift: a groinal exploder programmed to detonate in 24 hours unless Lister pays his debts. Meanwhile, Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled and do everything in perfect unison.

Episode 5: Dear Dave
Thursday 1st November 2012
Lister has women trouble when he gets himself in a love triangle with Snack Dispensers 23 and 34, then to make matter worse gets a letter from an old girlfriend telling him she’s pregnant and it might be his. Lister and Rimmer hunt through the mountain of letters from the mail pod to discover if Lister is finally a dad.

Episode 6: The Beginning
Thursday 8th November 2012
Hiding in an Asteroid, surrounded by a Simulant Death Ship and a fleet of Annihilators, the Dwarfers begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end. Only one man can save them. Unfortunately that man is Arnold J Rimmer.

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