Series X News – Win A Series X USB Stick

In response to demand for the Red Dwarf X USB sticks he tweeted a photo of earlier this week, Richard Naylor has had UKTV send him 25 of them which he will be giving away in a competition. The full details of the competition can be found here, along with a rundown of what it on the USB, but here are the basic rules from Richard:

The only fair thing seems to be a follow and RT thing on twitter. (I’ve seen people do it, so it must work right?) At 5pm this evening, I’ll tweet explaining the competition and everyone who RT’s and/or follows me will be entered into the draw. On Sunday, I’ll select 25 people at random (and yes, it will be random, no favourites) and they will win the usb sticks. Sound fair?

Of the 25 random winners, I will follow them temporarily on twitter, DM them asking for their address and then personally send them in the post.

You can find the tweet Richard refers to here and you have until tomorrow to enter. A photo of the USB stick can be found below:

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