Series X News – New Pictures, Clips & Bumpers

Dave have changed their release schedule for Series X previews slightly, so that now Fridays see the release of new pictures while Saturdays see a brand new clip. This Friday’s pictures featured the Cat, and can be viewed below. Friday also saw a new episode of the Dave Weekly Podcast uploaded with Danny John Jules as the special guest following on from Robert last week. You can listen to the podcast here and next week’s episode will feature Chris Barrie.


Today’s Series VI marathon has given us the code ‘ASTRONAVS’, which can be used here to unlock a clip of Rimmer and Lister going through the contents of a post pod that should instantly make people think of a similar scene in Series II.


As well as the codes, the advert breaks have also featured various new bumpers and an extension of the trailer that has been around for several weeks. Now replacing the ‘oh look a bit of poppadum’ line is a clip of Lister in full spacesuit floating past a window and asking Kryten to let him in as he has forgotten his key. You can see some screenshots from this new section below:

The model shot bumpers from last week have now been replaced by several different ones, each featuring a differnt member of the cast:

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