Series X News – DVD Trailers, Reviews and Trojan Guest Cast Revealed

With so much information coming out this week we’ll be mostly bringing it to you in the form of the roundup on Sunday. There have, however, been a few bits and pieces in the last couple of days that can’t go without mention before then. First up, three online retailers have uploaded specially filmed promotional trailers for the DVD of the new Series. Play have a nice clip with Cat chasing the light from a laser pen, HMV have Cat doing a piece to camera and Zavvi have a short clip with Lister Rimmer and Cat, followed by a short clip of Blue Midget flying out of an explosion that looks absolutely fantastic.

There have also been a few new articles that a worth a read. Reviews continue to come in, and you can read some new ones at the Radio Times and DIY. Richard Naylor has also started a blog on which he intends to answer Red Dwarf X questions in more depth, whilst giving thoughts and info on it & other shows he is linked with. The first post is an interesting and quite funny report of the press screening at the UKTV showcase this week. It’s well worth a read and will surely be worth keeping an eye on in the future. Richard also accompanied the blog with this new picture of Rimmer in the sleeping quarters set:

Lastly, The British Comedy Guide has updated their listing for Trojan with a synopsis and, most interestingly, a cast list. It is highly important if you are looking not to be spoiled that you do not read on any further. The list provides us with the names of the two main guest actors; Mark Dexter as Howard Rimmer and Susan Earl as Sim Crawford, as well as also telling us that that Lucy Newman-Williams and Bryan Bounds are playing All Droid Shopping Channel presenters. The piece is accompanied by two new pictures featuring a shot taken on the set from the publicity photos earlier this week and a picture of the two Rimmer brothers in a brand new uniform, and revealing that like his brother, Howard is now a hologram.

That’s it for now, but be sure to check back on Sunday when we will have a full roundup with the full selection of publicity shots that have been released as well as more press reaction and Dave’s Friday update and weekend trailer.

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