Series X News – Press Screening, Reviews & New Photos

We are now less than a month away from Series X, and as such the wheels of the publicity machine for the series are really starting to turn rapidly. Now however we have reached an important point with the UKTV showcase taking place today and giving the press a first look at completed shows. The consequence of this is that a flood of pictures and reviews are making their way online. Brace yourself; there’s going to be a lot to cover in the coming weeks. First of all, we have a variety of pictures from the screening including the costume display, the audience getting ready and the USB sticks handed out to the press.



Next up, we have a variety of publicity shots. Some of these should be familiar as they were used for the official poster, but there are some lovely new shots that really show off the new costumes well. Most interestingly of all, we have a picture of the Drive Room set redressed as a diffferent cockpit (for a clue as to which, see Andrew Ellard’s comment that it’s ‘a particularly BLUE set‘). It’s an impressive redress job that manages to make the set different enough while using the similarities to give a consistency of look between the Dwarf and its minor ships.


Finally, with the press now free to start reviewing the episodes they have seen, reaction to the series has started to appear online. Here’s a smattering of the positive reactions that have appeared on Twitter:

@prog_rock_tues New Red Dwarf episode was awesome. Thank you #uktvshowcase.

 @gregoryhudson Just seen the first episode of Red Dwarf X – very VERY funny – fantastic to see the crew back!

@diytv Chuffed to say that Red Dwarf is back to its best.

@CarlitoRemo Have seen the 1st episode and the boys are back!

@DeanPerry Red Dwarf X starts 4th October on Dave at 9pm – it’s superb 🙂

Two full reviews of Trojan have also appeared; one by Chortle’s Steve Bennett and one by Nathan Rodgers over at On The Box. Both of these obviously come with spoiler warnings, so read at your own risk if you want to go in totally unspoiled.

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