News Roundup (09/09/12)

  • Series X

This week saw Dave start their countdown marathon with an airing of all of Series VIII on Saturday and VII today. Their Friday update consisted of an announcement that they would be releasing codes during the advert breaks, which could be used to unlock a brand new trailer every weekend until the new series launch. The codes appear during the end of the mid show ad break on the Saturday marathon, while at the start one of two brief clips of the new model with the airdate is shown. Pictures of these shots can be seen below:

The Series VIII marathon gave us the code ‘MOOSE’, which could then be used to unlock the following clip from episode 6. Though it’s clipped quite quickly before the scene gets into its flow, it does feature a lovely little visual gag that should raise a laugh as well as a nice background gag with the ‘Battle Plan Timetable’.


Dave’s regular podcast with Ben Shires also uploaded a new episode on Friday, featuring Robert Llewellyn talking about Red Dwarf and Carpool among other things. The next few weeks will see the podcast take on all of the main cast, with next week’s episode featuring Danny as a guest. You can download this week episode here or via iTunes. Here’s the blurb:

Robert Llewellyn, aka Kryten 2X4B-523P, guests on the first of our four Red Dwarf podcast specials…

Space is a vast and scary thing, none more so than in broadcasting terms when preceded by the words ‘dead’ and ‘air’; a conversation-less vacuum in which even the hardiest of host’s heads are in danger of popping. However, in the right context, space also has the ability to be ruddy hilarious, as demonstrated by the first of four guests appearing over the next month in our Red Dwarf Specials quadrilogy. That’s right, I said quadrilogy.

Joining us this week is Robert Llewellyn, who plays everyone’s favourite neurotic mechanoid, Kryten. And can I just go on record as saying he is bleeping lovely in real life too? If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll be lapping this right up, and if not, well, you’ve not got your funny bone tuned right. But even you’ll love it too, you humourless nugget.

And just in case you thought we were playing it safe with an affable actor type, we’ve gone and stirred the controversy pot yet again with incendiary American talk-show duo, Ronna and Beverly. Their opinions are spicier than a lamb vindaloo made by Geri Halliwell whilst she simultaneously freshens up using her favourite deodorant, Old Spice, so make sure you have the riata of unshock-ability on standby. You have been warned.

Meanwhile, Doug & Richard Naylor have been with Nathan Cubitt filming some more interviews for the documentary on the upcoming DVD. The last we heard the documentary was running to just under 2 hours long, but it seems that the wealth of DVD material continues to expand which can only be a good thing. Here are some photos tweeted from the shoot:

The team were also working on trailers according to Richard Naylor:

Back with the #RedDwarfX team today editing “Coming up next week” teaser trailers. Trying to make them interesting whilst not too spoilery.

Whether these are the trailers to be shown in advert breaks in the run up to each week’s episode or attached to the end of each episode remains to be seen. In the meantime, Richard tweeted to say that we can expect more trailers, and we’d hazard a guess that as well as the online ones that will be released with the weekend marathons, we can expect to see a new TV one at some point in the coming weeks.

  • Dave Online Stream

UKTV have announced plans to launch an on-demand service for their programs just in time for the launch of Series X. The network is set to create a variety of players for it’s different channels, all of which are due to launch in beta sometime in early October. They will allow viewers not only to catch up on recently aired shows, but also to view archive programming via each channels individual website. These players will be financially supported by advertising, most likely to appear pre and mid-roll programme.

UKTV chief executive Darren Childs had this to say about the announcement:

 “UKTV is investing more money in content than ever before and it is important we are servicing our viewers by enabling them to access Dave, Yesterday and Really directly for the very first time, through our On Demand Players – three vibrant and curated, direct to viewer, player services. Part catch-up and part-archive, On Demand will offer the best of these populist channels – whether catching up on the brand new Red Dwarf X at Dave On Demand, or watching the top-rating factual series Museum Secrets all over again on Yesterday On Demand.”

  • The Red Dwarf Introcast

A new episode of The Red Dwarf Introcast covering Better Than Life has been released. If you are unfamiliar with the podcast of the concept, it follows in the format of other introcasts by having 4 people watching Red Dwarf and then talking about it; two of whom haven’t seen any of it previously. The episode is available to download and you can find them on the podcast’s website and is also available on iTunes.


  • Bucky Competition To Win A Signed Series X DVD

Danny John Jules is running a competition as a fundraiser for his upcoming short film Bucky where fans can win a copy of Series X on DVD signed by the cast. Here are the details:

We’ve got a copy of the new Red Dwarf series on DVD to give away to one lucky winner and better than that it’s signed by all the cast!

All you have to do to enter is buy a Bucky T-shirt by the end of 19th November 2012 and start believing in “Cloister” until we pick the lucky winner the day after.

Don’t forget that there’s also another competition you can enter once you receive your T-shirt to attend the gala screening of Danny’s short film ‘Bucky’ as his personal guest! More details can be found at the bottom of the ordering page.

The competition is open to anyone in the UK and you can enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning (each separate order will count as an entry). If you’ve already bought a T-shirt then rejoice! as you’ve already been entered one time, otherwise get yourself over to the ordering page and place your order for a chance to win now!

  • Howard Goodall

An amateur production of Red Dwarf music man Howard Goodall’s musical ‘The Hired Man’ starts tomorrow in London. The award-winning musical is based upon Melvyn Bragg’s stirring novel of Cumbrian rural and industrial working life, with the book and lyrics written by Bragg while Goodall provides the music. Here is the synopsis:

The Hired Man tells the story of John Tallentire and his family as he travels from being a hired land labourer to work in the collieries and back to the land. Set against a background of working class life this epic musical brings alive a cavalcade of British history which sweeps us into a new century and a war to end all wars.

Howard Goodall’s superb score is born of the English choral tradition and is a truly extraordinary theatrical experience. Directed by Paul Clarkson who won an Olivier Award for his portrayal of John Tallentire in the original West End production, this is a show not to be missed.

The musical will run from the 10th to the 17th of September at The Bernie Grant Centre in London. You can book tickets by contacting the box office on 020 8365 5450 or online at

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