Series X News – New Clip & Model Shots

Dave didn’t have a normal Friday update as such this week, but rather an announcement that they would be releasing codes during the advert breaks for the weekend marathons currently showing on Dave in the run up to the new series. These codes can then be used to unlock a brand new trailer every weekend until the new series launch. The codes are presented alongwith a brief clip of the new model with the airdate. Pictures of these shots can be seen below:

Today’s run of Series VIII gave us the code ‘MOOSE’, which when used here gives us a brand new clip from Series X, which as G&T have already indicated, is from episode 6. Though it’s clipped quite quickly before the scene gets into its flow, it does feature a lovely little visual gag that should raise a laugh as well as a nice background gag with the ‘Battle Plan Timetable’ that can be seen in the picture from the clip below.

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