Series X News – 2 Behind The Scenes Pictures Of The New Dwarf Model

It’s Friday, and that means a new update from Dave. This week it’s two new behind the scenes pictures of the new Red Dwarf model. The first of these shows the top side being filmed, presumably for the end credits sequence. The second shows model man Steve Howarth in Bill Pearson’s workshop painting the underside before reattaching the asteroid to the hull, as seen in a picture tweeted by Richard Naylor the other day.

Once again, whatever our misgivings about the length of the nose (which is a consequence of using the movie model), these pictures once again to reaffirm why we were so pleased to hear that models were being used again. The ship is eminently more tangible when presented as a physical construct rather than a CGI one, and it should hopefully create some fantastic looking shots in the finished shows. You can view the pictures below:

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