Series X News – It’s Offical, Series X Airs From Thursday October 4th

Well we thought this would be the case after Dave’s website seemed to accidently reveal the date on their Series VIII page the other day, but as the #vindalunar campaign comes to an end we can now confirm that Series X will air from Thursday October 4th on Dave. We don’t yet have a time, but we can take a guess at 9PM as that was the time listed on the Dave page that also released the air date early.

With each tweet using the #vindalunar hash tag a small amount of helium was released into a weather balloon that was then this afternoon sent up into space with a curry and a can of Leopard Larger. Well, actually it was sent up prior to this as Ganymede & Titan mention here, but that is when the video was streamed. The whole tweeting element was a bit dull to be honest and if we could have avoided the tweeting element I’m sure people would generally have been a lot happier, but the final result of seeing a Leopard Larger can is space is sort of nice. Obviously, the bench mark is still the Back to Earth promotion, especially as the Berkley square event allowed people to get involved, but at least there has been something a little different about this promotion.

The launch date could be seen printed on the bar at the bottom of the balloon supporting the larger and curry, and can be seen in the pictures below:

Just in case you go to the page the stream was on and notice something odd, the test card that has been put up in place of the stream features the wrong date. The series will air in October not November, so no need to panic. You can see the error here:

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