Series X News – TV Trailer Released Tomorrow

On top of today’s new clip, Dave have also launched a mini-site; ‘Go #Vindalunar‘. The site has a clock counting down to 9PM tomorrow (GMT), and encourages people to add ‘tweet fuel to launch a lager and curry into space & reveal the start date of #RedDwarfX on Dave.’ Confused? Well to be honest so are we and it’s hard to know how seriously to take this. It also seems that tweeting makes no difference to the countdown, so it seems that 9PM tomorrow will be the big reveal. Of course, the Dave site does currently list Red Dwarf as being back on air on October 4th, so they could well have continued in the spirit of last night’s cock up and released it early. It is on a page for Series VIII and so could potentially be a listing for a repeat, but it does fall within the 2 weeks we are expecting the show to start so who knows.

The real point of interest however is the promotional image used on the countdown. From what Richard Naylor says, it appears that we will be seeing this image a lot in the next couple of months, so here’s a good opportunity to get familiar with it.

It has also been revealed that the first Series X trailer on TV will air on Watch tomorrow at 2:35PM. It’ll be a slightly extended version of the one that went online a few weeks ago to stretch it to 60 seconds and will air on Dave from 7:10AM on Sunday onwards.

EDIT: After a confusing start it seems that the countdown clock that was present when we wrote this was totally irrelevant. It seems we will have to wait until the percentage reaches 100%, and as of 9pm Saturday it hasn’t even reached 20% yet. However, as we suggested before it seems that the air date will be October 4th anyway and a tweet from Doug seems to back this up. More as we get it.

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