Series X News – 3 New Episode Titles Revealed

Last week we saw that the BBFC had started to pass Series X with episode 4;‘Entangled’. Today they have updated their website with the details of a futhur 3 episodes. Here are the titles, runtimes and ratings:

Episode 1 – Trojan (29m 59s) [12]

Episode 5 – Dear Dave (29m 22s) [12]

Episode 6 – The Beginning (29m 49s) [12]

The first thing to state is that this would seem to confirm that the episodes are remaining in the order that they were filmed. Episodes 2 and 3 have yet to be passed of course, but it seems a good bet that they will also remain in the same order. It’s also interesting to note that this will mark the series with the most episodes to have a rating above PG, beating the previous record held by Series VIII with 3 episodes rated 12.

We obviously can’t comment too much on the titles themselves for fear of spoilers, but it has to be said that Trojan is very much in the style of classic red dwarf title wise, while Dear Dave is a slightly more unusual but highly fitting choice. The title of episode 6 will no doubt be something that is speculated on endlessly, especially seeing as Red Dwarf’s debut episode was called The End. Again though, having been at the recording I have to say that it once again seems to fit the bill,even if it is something of a surprise choice.

Four down and two to go. We’ll bring you the last two episodes titles when we have them.

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