Series X News – 2 New Behind The Scenes Pictures

Dave’s Friday update is here, and this week it’s another pair of behind the scenes photos. The first photo features the cast between scenes talking to warm up man for episodes 2-5; Ray Peacock. The second shows Danny and Robert in full costume sat in with the rest of the audience during one of the recordings. If memory serves me correctly, the people that were meant to be in the seats had gone to the toilet, and so at Ray’s suggestion Danny and Robert took their place while the audience pretended that nothing unusual was happening when the unsuspecting pair returned.

Potential future updates that have been mentioned by Richard Naylor include a high resolution picture of the drive room set and another trailer. Doug has also recently mentioned on Twitter that the series air date will be revealed in an unusual way, suggesting that it may be done via the Doomsdave promotion that Dave are currently engaged in.

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