Series X News – Episode 4 ‘Entangled’

The BBFC have started to pass Series X, and as with all things that they classify the details are being published on their website. As such, we now have the title for episode 4; ‘Entangled’. The episode comes in at 29 minutes 46 seconds, slightly shorter than the exact 30 Doug mentioned but still longer than normal, and has a slightly higher rating than normal of 12 due to ‘moderate language and sex references.’ There have been various episodes rated higher than PG in the past of course, but aside from Series VIII there were no more than two a series. As such, it’ll be interesting to see if this series goes in the direction of VIII with several higher rated episodes or more in line with Back to Earth which remains solidly PG from start to finish.┬áIt is also worth noting that this means that, at least for episode 4, the episode order appears not to have been shifted. We’ll bring you more titles as we get them. It appears that the information has been removed from the site now, but you can see a picture of the entry below.

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