News Roundup (12/08/12)

  • Series X

Friday’s update from Dave provided us with a much anticipated picture of the new bunkroom to pick over:

You can find our dissection of what is to be found in the picture here and you can find Ganymede & Titan’s similar breakdown here. As for next week’s update, it would seem that we’ll be getting a similar picture of the Drive Room going by this tweet from Richard Naylor:

What d’you guys think of RDX Sleeping Q set? I was expecting a Drive Room pic to go up as well… that’ll prob be next.

Richard also went on to tweet a couple of extra photos of the sleeping quarters mid-construction.

Finally, Richard also put up a photo of himself on one of the guest sets. It is a set that has appeared several times throughout promo videos and you can find it and previous glimpses of it below:

  •  Hattie At The Edinburgh Fringe

For anyone attending the Edinburgh Fringe you can see Hattie performing at the Underbelly in the play ‘George Ryegold’s God-In-A-Bag’. The show revolves around the under-achieving academic Dr George Ryegold and his less ambitious chums and colleagues, who having been suspended from practicing yet again finds himself dividing his days between loitering in the local café, abusing his pal Canning and attempting to win back old flame Penny. That is of curse until this unambitious existence is disturbed by the appearance of an old medical school foe.

The play won the award for Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2011, and stars Toby Williams, Hattie Hayridge, Dan Mersh, Lindsay Sharman and Milo McCabe. It starts at 13:45 each day between 14th and the 27th of August and tickets can be purchased here.

  • A Request From Us

I’m currently working on a new article for this site which requires some quotes from this interview  from BBC Radio Wiltshire with Rob Grant, as pictured here dressed as Batman. I can’t get it to work more than a few minutes in, and while I more or less know what was said the article will be better if I can get the proper source material to work from. As such, if anyone can get it to work or indeed has a recording of the interview then please do email us at Any help massively appreciated.

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