News Roundup (01/07/12)

  • Series X

Last week saw the signing off of all 6 episodes of the new series, and as of 11.45 pm on Friday, Red Dwarf X and its DVD content are now complete. It’s been a hectic week with the work going on right up to the deadline and a battle with computers that refused to export the footage, but with everything now completed the shows have been sent out to UK TV and BBC Worldwide. As such, we now have something of a quiet period until the promotion for the shows begins in earnest. This may lead us to switch to bi-weekly updates for a while, but we will update you at a later date if we do. In the meantime, here are a collection of photos from the last few days:


  • Robert At Unbound Live In Birmingham

Robert is once again set to appear at a live event live with a lineup of other writters for crowd funded publishers Unbound, including  Adrian Teal, Stevyn Colgan and George Chopping. Here’s the blurb:

Join us on Tuesday 10 July at Birmingham LibraryTheatre for a live literary event unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Four Unbound authors – Robert Llewllyn, Adrian Teal, Stevyn Colgan and George Chopping – will go head-to-head pitching to raise funding for their book ideas, in a cross between an election hustings and a literary Dragons’ Den. Listen to the pitches, the extracts, the carefully framed arguments, the wit, the passion, the pleading and then you – the potential reader – can decide which books you’d like to see published and pledge for them on the night.

Unbound is a simple idea – by putting readers and writers in direct contact, we believe we’ll end up with books that writers want to write and that readers really want to read. And there’s no better way of testing the concept than by doing it live, and no better place to do it in than in libraries, the engine rooms of reading across the UK.” – John Mitchenson, Publisher and Co-founder, Unbound.

The event takes place on Tuesday 10th July at 7pm in the Birmingham Library Theatre. Tickets are free, but booking is essential. Contact Nikki Bi by email or telephone 0121 303 2895 to be put on the guest list.

  • Peter Wragg Obitury

The Independent featured an obituary this week for Peter Wragg who passed away a few months ago. It has a few mistakes laced throughout it (such as the suggestion that he created Carbug), but it’s nice to see it featured in a major newspaper all the same. You can find the obituary here, and if you missed them before, you can also find obituaries for Peter on the official site, on Ganymede & Titan and here on Gazpacho Soup.

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