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  • Series X

If our roundup of Series X related news this week seems brief then it is at least for a good reason. We’ll leave it to Richard Naylor to explain why:

All 6 RDX shows complete! Support from fans, colleagues and pros has been so positive. Think we’ve got 6 great shows coming later this year!

So roughly 5 months on from the last recording we have reached the last big milestone before the shows go to air. As such, we are expecting that the next 3 months may be a little sparse on news, but once promotion starts we will endeavour to bring you as comprehensive a round up as possible. In the meantime we have the one last behind the scenes picture we brought you earlier this week to savour, taken at the grade for show 6. Work on the series hasn’t quite finished yet however. First of all the credits for show 6 still needed checking, leading to these tweets where Doug had a joke with his followers:

Checking the credits for Show 6 tomorrow. Just me and the guy who types the roller. No time to change anything I change. Must not be bad.

Final credits not happening until tomorrow now. Just me and credit typist. They foiled my evil plans today but not tomorrow!!! Muhahahahah

Just been told enormous screw up on RD X Show 6 credits. GNP’s Book keeper has been credited as GNP’s Bee Keeper! Say they can change it!

With the production team starting to move onto other projects, the focus now moves onto finalising the DVD extras. On that note, we leave you with this tweet from Doug in response to the question of whether the DVD will be 2 or 3 discs set and would include raw FX footage:

Big feature on both miniature shoots on 2 disc DVD

  • Evolution Of… Kryten’s Costumes

Seb’s series of articles on The Offical Site covering the evolution of the costumes continues this week. This latest part goes into great depth to take a look at Kryten and how his costume has developed over the years. It’s a lovely little in-depth read with some pictures that may be unfamiliar to some of you, and we look forward to more of them in the run up to the promotion for Series X starting. You can read the article here, and you can read the previous articles on the development of Lister’s costume here and Rimmer’s costume here. There is also a piece on the development of the sets which can be found here.

  • Tony Hawk’s ‘Playing The Moldovans At Tennis’ Film Release & Tour

Tony Hawk’s new film ‘Playing the Moldovans at Tennis’ had both its premiere and general release this week .The film, dramatised from the best-selling book, is an independent British feature film that tells the true story of Tony Hawks and the unlikely bet which turned into a life-changing adventure. All profits go to the care centre for children with cerebral palsy in Chisinau, Moldova, which was in turn started with the royalties from the book. If you’ve missed our mentions of the film previously, you can watch the trailer here:

[vimeo 38716989 w=500 h=275]

The film is available on DVD here and on pay per view streaming here. Tony is also taking the film on tour, where each night the screening will be followed by a Q&A with the man himself. You can find the full list of tour dates below:

Rex Berkhamsted – 22/6 June Friday 7.30pm
Regal Evesham – 24/6 Sunday 2pm
Cambridge Arts – 27 Wednesday 6.30pm
Baker Street – 28/6 Thursday 8.00pm
Duke of Yorks, Brighton – 29/6 Friday 7.00pm
Phoenix East Finchley – 1/7 Sunday 2.00pm
Clapham Picturehouse – 2/7 Monday 8.30pm
Little Theatre, Bath – 4/7 Wednesday 6pm
Exeter, Picturehouse – 5/7 Thursday 6.30pm
Cinema City Norwich – 9/7 Monday 6.15pm
Hyde Park Leeds – 10/7 Tuesday 8.30pm
Hebden Bridge 11/7 Wednesday
York Picturehouse – 12/7 Thursday 6.15pm
Saffron Walden 13/7 Friday
Stratford Upon Avon 15/7 Sunday 3.30pm
Phoenix Oxford – 16/7 Monday 6.15pm
Tyneside Cinema 17/7 Tuesday 6.30pm
Cameo Edinburgh – 18/7 Wednesday 8.00pm
Belmont Aberdeen – 19/7 Thursday 8.00pm
Dukes Lancaster – 20/7 Friday 2pm
FACT Liverpool – 21/7 Saturday 4.00pm
Everyman Walton –22/7 Sunday 2.00pm
Ludlow Assembly Rooms 18/8 Saturday 7.30pm

  • Craig On His Corrie Return & Future

Craig Charles has been talking to Soaplife about his imminent return to Coronation Street and his future with the show. Craig will return to the screen in the role of Lloyd Mullaney on July 2nd following the break he took to film the new series of Red Dwarf. It seems that he will remain with the show for the foreseeable future, stating:

“I don’t want to leave – I’ve just signed another extension. I had a three-year deal with options and I’ve just picked up my options. I’m going to be able to explore different sides to Lloyd’s character.”

Craig also went on to explain what is in store for the character when he returns to Weatherfield:

“He invested in a land deal in Jamaica with a family member, but it went belly up. So he’s come back to Manchester and is working for a dodgy old cab firm and one day his engine blows up. When the smoke clears, Steve is standing there and they start chatting. Steve offers Lloyd a job back at Streetcars – but Lloyd gets the idea he’s inviting him back as a partner.”

Asked how Lloyd reacts to the news that Steve only wants him as a driver, the actor replied: “He’s not happy. He says they have unfinished business and storms off and sleeps on Eileen’s sofa for a couple of nights.”

You can read a full article on the interview at Digital Spy here.

  • Red Dwarf Cardboard Model

And finally, a truly impressive piece of work that we just had to share with you. Paul Williams has created an impressively large and highly detailed model of the small rouge one entirely out of cardboard over the course of 3 weeks. Here’s what Paul has to say about the model:

So, I’ve always had a fascination with building things out of cardboard and I decided to take on the Jupiter Mining Corporation’s most famous dilapidated space ship, Red Dwarf. Personally, I like a cardboard model that isn’t ashamed to be a cardboard model so I made the decision to leave it ‘natural# rather than actually make it red, however it has also received a digital paint job, as seen below.

Hard to say how long this actually took me – if I wasn’t spending several days building hexagon shapes out of card then I was spending several days applying hundreds of tiny cut-out windows or getting covered in super glue. Altogether, I’d say it probably took me 2-3 weeks.

Pictured below is the model both enhanced digitally and in its natural state, but you can view more photos that also include a look at the construction process here.

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