Series X News – A Quick Shot From The Grade

Today see production on the new series come to a close, and then focus will shift to finishing the DVD documentary, Smeg Ups and deleted scenes. It’s more than likely therefore that the behind the scenes shots that we have seen tweeted sporadically will come to an end. By then of course we should start to see official pictures and trailers making their way into the world, and indeed Doug mentioned on Twitter just the other day that with lots of people wanting to see a trailer he would see what he could to to convince the powers that be to release one.

That said, while we are all hugely excited to see such things, we will be sad not to see anymore behind the scenes shots for a while as they have given us a fascinating insight into the making of the new series. With this in mind then, here is a photo from Richard Naylor taken today at the grade for episode 6. Enjoy it, as it may be the last you’ll see for a while:

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