News Roundup (10/06/12)

  • Series X

In terms of new material, this week saw what was likely to be the last of the ADR. With Danny out of the country, a sound van was sent to him to capture things such as a second pass at the line ‘She should have.’ With this done, we believe that all of the shows now have their final sound mixes signed off on following Doug’s confirmation on Wednesday that he had that day signed off on episodes 2 and 3. This leads us onto a question we have been asked a few times, which is whether or not there will be anymore screenings to capture a laugh track or whether this was done as the screening a few weeks ago. Richard Naylor confirmed on Twitter that they are, as we suspected, all done with the laugh track now, stating:

All clips without live laughter were captured in the audience screening. So no problems.

So for those of you hoping to see the shows at such screenings you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The broadcast dates are now confirmed but have not yet been released publicly. Dave have however started their promotion in a small way, with the new Doomsdave promotion website having a small section cryptically alluding to the upcoming series:

Looking beyond the shows themselves, Thursday saw a marketing meeting taking place and the week finished off with interviews for the DVD with Doug and Richard Naylor, as well as interviews with Nathan Cubitt and Andrew Ellard. Roopesh Parekh uploaded this photo from the filming:

Doug has said on Twitter that the DVD release should be in November, though no specific date has been confirmed. He also mentions that there are indeed once again plans for a Blu-Ray release.

  • Series VI Set Plans

Kris Carter has uploaded an interesting little curiosity on the G&T forums; the set plans for the Series VI Starbug set. Similar to the ones seen in ‘The Making of Red Dwarf’ book, these plans so into greater detail with more than just the overhead plans found in the book. We’ll let Kris explain the provenance of the plans, and our thanks again to him for sharing them:

Dunno if anyone’s remotely interested in this kinda stuff… I know I am. Here’s the basic set plan for series VI – so if you want to know the EXACT dimensions of the doorways, or that only one of the bunkroom beds was meant to move, it’s here… Mel Bibby gave me these as part of a set design project I did for my A levels. He was a good egg…

I also have some blueprints and sketches for Series VII, and the blueprints for Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg and Universe Challenge – I’ll try and get them scanned someday sooner rather than later.

  • Live From Jodrell Bank: Meet Craig Charles & Poster Design Competitons

Following on from our mention of Craig’s upcoming appearance at ‘Live From Jodrell Bank’, the organisers have released the details of two competitions connected to the event. The first is an opportunity to meet Craig in person, as well as 2 VIP tickets to the event and a signed poster. To enter, all you need to do is email with a question to Craig. The best questions will be used at Craig’s Q&A and one person will be chosen at random to win the prizes. The closing date for this competition is Friday 15th June.

The organisers are also running a competition to design the poster for the event. The winning poster designer will be rewarded with two VIP tickets to Paul Weller at Live From Jodrell Bank and a signed framed poster. The winning design will then also be sold and exhibited as a limited edition poster at Live From Jodrell Bank in aid of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Here’s the blurb:

We’re looking for you, the Paul Weller fans to create a poster for transmission_003: Paul Weller, one of this year’s headline acts, which will be turned into a limited edition A2 print exhibited over the weekend, on the online gallery and sold via the Live From Jodrell Bank website. So take your inspiration from Jodrell Bank, Paul Weller, Gomez or Red Dwarf! Your work will be showcased alongside posters by Oliver East for this year’s other headline act Elbow and Pete Fowler for last year’s headline act the Flaming Lips. The winning artist will also get two VIP tickets to Paul Wellers show.

The brief is simple we want you to create a poster that represents this year’s headline act Paul Weller and the unique location of Jodrell Bank. We’re looking for bold, original and exciting images that capture the music of Paul Weller and the innovative spirit of Live From Jodrell Bank. Entries will be judged by Ben Robinson (Festival Organiser), Tom Martin (British Music Photographer), Jamie Smith (Festival Artist) and Dr Tim O’Brien (Astrophysiscist and associate director of Jodrell Bank).

The competition is open to all, so whatever your ability, email your design as a JPEG plus full name and contact phone number to by 15th June. All posters should be A2 portrait and you must have a high resolution version of your poster in order for the organiser to print it.

  • Robert Llewellyn Book Reading & Signing

You may have seen on our Roundup a couple of weeks ago that Robert will today (Sunday) be compering the world’s first electric bike championships being held as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week. In addition to this, he is also giving a reading from his latest book ‘News from Gardenia’ at Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel. Here’s the blurb:

Robert Llewellyn needs no introduction as the host the Channel 4 series Scrapheap Challenge and star of cult TV series Red Dwarf. A screen-writer, stand-up comic and author, Robert will be talking about his new fifth novel, News from Gardenia, an anti-dystopian vision of a world where everything has got much better. A world where we eventually got it right, where we don’t rip the planet to shreds to maintain our way of life and where we don’t need to rely on endless growth to achieve contentment.

The event takes place between 6:30 and 7:30 at Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel and will be followed by a book signing. Tickets are £6 and can be booked here.

  • Watch Robert In ‘War Hero In My Family’ Online

The recent episode of ‘War Hero In My Family’ in which Robert featured is now avalible to view online via Demand 5. The show (which also features Angela Rippon) is about his late father and his role in WWII, where he served in 192 Squadron, based in Norfolk, flying in Wellington and Halifax bombers from 1943-45. Here’s the blurb:

Robert Llewellyn’s father Reg never talked about the war – except to do impressions of flying through flak at the breakfast table. All Robert knows is that Reg served in Bomber Command.

What Robert discovers amazes him: Reg’s squadron were responsible not just for bombing but espionage. To get to the heart of Reg’s war, Robert gets inside a World War II bomber, delves into the archives of the RAF museum and follows in his father’s footsteps to Germany.

Angela Rippon did not meet her father John until she was three years old, because he had spent World War II serving with the Royal Marines.

As Angela grew up, John told her funny stories of life at sea but rarely about the harsh realities of war. Now Angela wants to find out what her father’s war was really like.

You can watch the show on Demand 5 here.

  • Hattie In ‘Soap Opera’

A piece of news that we forgot to add to last week’s roundup here. Hattie Hayridge is set to appear in the new comedy ‘Soap Opera’ when it tours theatres in the autumn. The play, which stars Leslie Grantham, features a fictional Soap in decline whose anniversary coincides with a mysterious murder. Here’s the blurb:

Hollyenders Street has been on air for nearly twenty years, and viewing figures are the worst they’ve ever been, so a new, hard-nosed producer is brought in to mix things up, and save the show from being axed.

Characters are cut, stories are sexed up and new blood is brought in. Even the theme tune is rewritten. Just before the show’s 20th anniversary, somebody snaps. Blood is spilled, a body is discovered, and everyone has a motive.

The detective in charge of the investigation, who is a life-long fan of the show, arrives to solve the case.

Will the show be saved? Will the murderer be found? Will Detective Emmerside get a full set of autographs? The answer to all these questions and more is … probably.

You can find more details and book tickets at the Soap Opera website. A full list of tour dates and a trailer can be viewed below:


The Woodville Gravesend
12-15 September | Box Office 01474 337774

Wyvern Theatre Swindon
17-19 September | Box Office 01793 524481

The Hawth Crawley
20-22 September | Box Office 01293 553636

Fairfield Halls Croydon
25-29 September | Box Office 020 8688 9291


Beck Theatre Hayes
2-3 October | Box Office 020 8561 8371

Weymouth Pavilion
6-7 October | Box Office 01305 783225

Corn Exchange Newbury
8-11 October | Box Office 01635 522733

Theatre Royal Margate
12-13 October | Box Office 0845 130 1786
or 01227 787787

Civic Theatre Chelmsford
16-20 October | Box Office 01245 606505

Key Theatre Peterborough
22-24 October | Box Office 01733 207239

Princes Theatre Clacton-on-Sea
25-27 October | Box Office 01255 686633

Stag Theatre Sevenoaks
29-31 October | Box Office 01732 450175


The Playhouse Weston Super Mare
1-3 November | Box Office 01934 645544

The Alban Arena St Albans
5-7 November | Box Office 01727 844488

White Rock Theatre Hastings
8-10 November | Box Office 01424 462288


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