News Roundup (03/06/12)

  • Series X

Another fairly quiet week for Series X news with more ADR work, VFX reviews and mixing. As there’s not a great deal to pass comment on we’ve once again compiled a collection of all of the different tweets from Richard Naylor for you to peruse:

Show 6 really coming together. Also been asked to do a DVD interview. So many reasons I don’t want to do this!

Btw I have to say this — there is no Duane in RDX!

No Ace either.

Another day of Red Dwarf sound mixing, 3 shows down 3 to go. Finishing shows 1 and 4 today. Adding all sorts of whirring and blips!

Recorded some ‘shouty’ ADR with @bobbyllew today. Only the fourth ADR session he’s been made to do!

Another great day. Sound mix for RDX show 6, followed by vfx review at ONSIGHT.

Mixing score for the RDX show 6 climax. Sounding good.

Less than a month before all 6 brand spanking new Red Dwarf X episodes will be completed!

One other tweet that might be of interest is Doug’s repose to James saying that he and Richard should do a commentary for the DVD:

Episode 2. Good idea.

It’s great to hear that Doug will by the looks of it be doing some commentary. It’s just a shame that by the sounds of it we’ll only have him on one episode. Many fans had long been hoping for Doug to do some of the commentaries, and as such were delighted when he did so for the Bodysnatcher Collection and Back to Earth. Still, it’s nice to hear that there will be more than the cast commentary even if not for the whole series.

  • Captain Butler On 4oD

A surprise addition to 4oD has been Craig’s sitcom ‘Captain Butler’, a series from 1997 that has been (perhaps rightly,) largely forgotten. Written by John Smith & Rob Sprackling, the show followed a group of ‘the wimpiest group of pirates to have ever stepped aboard a seafaring vessel’ in the 18th century, led by Craig’s Captain Butler character. Other actors included Roger Griffiths, Shaun Curry, Lewis Rae and Sanjeev Bhaskar. All six episodes are avalible to watch ondemand here on the 4oD service.

  • Psychology in Red Dwarf: Part 1

If you missed it earlier this week, James has started a new series of articles looking at pstcology in Red Dwarf. Here is a brief description:

Through Red Dwarf we have seen the psychology of the characters analysed and twisted in ways that no other sci-fi series has ever attempted. This article will look at some of the standout use of psychological exploration to tell a good story or to explore the characters in Red Dwarf.

Part 1 looks at Series I-IV and can be found here . Further parts covering the rest of the series will follow soon.

  • Dwarf In The Polls

A couple of poll results here for you. First up the poll for ‘The SFX Factor’ to decide what was the best TV Sci-Fi title sequence. Red Dwarf came in at 3rd place just behind Game of Thrones and (unsurprisingly) Doctor Who. Considering the competition from such big shows it’s nice to see the show still staying up there and making it to the final, even if for some reason they chose to demonstrate the title sequence with a fan edit by P2P Productions of footage from the Remastered episodes. Here’s a chart showing the vote share for the final:

Lovefilm also ran a poll to find the best British TV show of all time, and Red Dwarf came in at 8th places beating shows such as The Inbetweeners and Top Gear. Some 13,500 people voted in the poll, and so once again it’s good to see the show scoring in the top ten and showing in the run up to the new series that there is still a strong interest in the programme. Here are the top ten in full:

1. Blackadder
2. Fawlty Towers
3. Father Ted
4. Only Fools and Horses
5. Dr Who
6. Sherlock
7. Have I Got News For You
8. Red Dwarf
9. The Inbetweeners
10. Top Gear

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