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News Roundup (24/06/12)

June 24, 2012 Alex 0

Series X If our roundup of Series X related news this week seems brief then it is at least for a good reason. We’ll leave it to Richard Naylor to explain why: All 6 RDX shows complete! Support from fans, colleagues and pros has been so positive. Think we’ve got […]

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Series X News – A Quick Shot From The Grade

June 18, 2012 Alex 0

Today see production on the new series come to a close, and then focus will shift to finishing the DVD documentary, Smeg Ups and deleted scenes. It’s more than likely therefore that the behind the scenes shots that we have seen tweeted sporadically will come to an end. By then […]

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News Roundup (17/06/12)

June 17, 2012 Alex 0

Series X As another week comes to an end more work has been finalised on the new series. According to Doug and Richard Naylor’s tweet all VFX work has now been completed at ONIGHT UK. We even heard that the titles have been applied and in in Series III style. […]

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News Roundup (10/06/12)

June 10, 2012 Alex 0

Series X In terms of new material, this week saw what was likely to be the last of the ADR. With Danny out of the country, a sound van was sent to him to capture things such as a second pass at the line ‘She should have.’ With this done, […]

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News Roundup (03/06/12)

June 3, 2012 Alex 0

Series X Another fairly quiet week for Series X news with more ADR work, VFX reviews and mixing. As there’s not a great deal to pass comment on we’ve once again compiled a collection of all of the different tweets from Richard Naylor for you to peruse: Show 6 really […]