Series X News – Music Preview And New Picture From Howard Goodall

It seems that for Series X information, Howard Goodall is leakier than a Welsh man with incontinence issues. As such, following the picture he released on Sunday, Howard has uploaded another picture along with a brief preview of some of the music he has recorded. The sample, titled ‘Going for the Phone’, is exactly the kind of thing we had hoped he would bring to the show. The title itself is something of a spoiler, and as such we won’t let you know at this point which episode it is from. The one thing we can tell you is that the music and the shot in the photo are both taken from 2 different episodes. The picture does also ffeature our first look at one of the guest stars, so let speculation begin as to what role they might have.You can view Howard’s picture and listen to ‘Going For The Phone’ below:


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