Series X News – Win Tickets To Tomorrow’s Screening Of 2 Episodes

You may remember that a while ago we mentioned there was to be a screening of Series X to get a laugh track recorded for all the parts where the audience had been absent. Well it seems that the screening for 2 of those episodes is taking place in London tomorrow night at 8:30 in London. So what’s the catch? Well currently there is only one way to get a ticket, and there’s no sign that another way will appear. So if you want to be in with a chance, Danny has a lottery open for today only where anyone that invests in his short film BUCKY will be entered in with a chance to get a ticket and join him at the screening. If you want to be in with a chance, then head over to the MotoVentures site. Investments start at as little as £2 so it’s well worth a punt. Good Luck!

UPDATE – In responce to this update, Richard Naylor got in touch to tell us:

I might be tweeting tomorrow with some Red Dwarf X screening tickets for those who tweet back. Not definite yet but maybe.

So there you go, you might just want to keep a close eye on Twitter tommorow…


  1. Ah,very nice. Alas, I shan’t be able to go – a trip from Sheffield to London on the off-chance of bagging some tickets to a screening of Red Dwarf isn’t really do-able. Plus I’m going to the pictures tomorrow night.
    Still, assuming that one of the episodes shown is the one I saw recorded (which had a large chunk recorded at a later date), a good time should be pretty much guaranteed for anyone who attends. 🙂

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